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  1. Day 16 Im always hungry and sleep too much. I know I’m not eating enough. I just don’t have the energy to meal prep and cook like I should. Last time I tried Whole 30 I gave up on day 14. I’m happy I made it past that mark, but I’ve had some tough days at work and always being hungry is really wearing me down. I want to keep going to see if I lose weight, stop making poor food choices for convenience, and find out if my body doesn’t like gluten (I have hashimoto’s). When I think about quitting I try to think of this. It’s difficult though. Any advice?
  2. How do you go on a first date on Whole 30!? I feel like it’s so awkward to explain
  3. I just had a friend ask to get happy hour and dinner before going on a local artwork. I told her I was doing a month of no alcohol and she was very supportive. I suggest a taco place that will do lettuce instead of tortillas and I called and asked about how they prepare their proteins. I will be able to eat pretty much all of the proteins they have. I’m very excited now and feel good about today.
  4. This is my second attempt at Whole30. The first time I tried to do it I did not plan accordingly with a vacation and ended it early. I really want to stay committed this time. I have the Day by Day journal which has helped me so far by giving me motivation and advice. Tomorrow I am off of work and plan on going to a karaoke bar with friends at night. I’m going to shop and meal prep tomorrow morning for the rest of the week. I am worried about being at the bar and pressure to drink. I will order club soda and wine and am prepared to turn down shots. Just a little worried about my