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  1. Day 7 - one week down! Awwww yeah. Today has been all about meal prep. I got up early to make a breakfast casserole to last my husband and me a few days. It was really good, and I'm excited to eat it tomorrow! And tonight, I prepped Tom Kha Gai. Can't wait to have that for lunch. Feeling really good. I do get very tired at night, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I'd prefer being naturally tired to being tired from a beer or two.
  2. Still going strong. Today was a little difficult. A cocktail upon completion of my day would have been nice, and I had a craving for one for about 10 minutes. It subsided. I'm challenged because my food planning didn't work out as well as I would like. My local grocery store didn't have a bunch of proteins I was hoping to get, so I'm scrambling more than I'd like, and this week is probably the busiest work week of my year (all of my clients except one have a major conference next week, and the one that doesn't is having its sales meeting with which I have some involvement).
  3. Quick break from work to comment on yesterday. I'm fighting a cold, so I was super draggy yesterday. My husband's cousin surprised us yesterday with an "I'm in town, can we meet for dinner?" Luckily, I had planned a super fast meal that was easy to add extra servings to - we even have leftovers so I have lunch today. It was sheet pan chili lime shrimp fajitas, which is great because I can provide tortillas, cheese, sour cream, etc. for the family members who aren't doing the Whole30. I'm feeling good today but have no voice. I had some compliant bacon left from my weekend breakfast, so I
  4. Yesterday was a little challenging. Mostly from a fatigue perspective, but I attribute that to fighting a virus - not anything with Whole30. And I went shopping at Ralph's, which did not have (1) Flank Steak, (2) Ground Pork and (3) enough shrimp for my planned meals. That was so frustrating. And they didn't have coconut milk! I usually hit Vons (I live in SoCal), but logistically, Ralph's made more sense with respect to errands. Guess I'll have to hit up some more specialty markets around here to get some more ingredients. I did make this wonderful Pecan-crusted salmon. OMG, sooooooo goo
  5. So I'm into Day 4 of my Whole30, and I'm feeling so great, I want to let everyone know, but simultaneously, I'm nervous that completion is going to be hard, so I want to be a little careful letting my light shine too brightly. So far, it's been really easy for me, aside from the food planning part. However, I love poring over the internet finding potential recipes. I think I spent about 90 minutes meal planning for this week. My biggest reason to start this - which is my third attempt - is that I've been theoretically trying to lose weight via Noom for far too long. I'm sure the pro
  6. Hi Gigi, Good luck with soups! One thing to be aware of is that many commercial broths add sugar or honey. I don't get it, but that's that. I love soup, and there are so many things you can do to make a Whole30 soup. One thing I've done a few times is make what would be a regular chicken noodle soup and replace the noodles with potatoes. If you are into Asian flavors, NomNomPaleo (great resource for recipes) has a recipe for Tom Kha Gai (Tai coconut chicken soup) that I will be prepping for lunches today. I also found this soup which looks delicious to me, but my family would run screamin
  7. Thanks! There are a lot of reasons I'm doing the Whole30. First is that (at least at first) when I have a strict regimen, it's easy to follow all the rules. I've frankly been "trying" to lose weight for quite a while, but when evening rolls around, my husband and I truly enjoy our cocktail ritual. Which has a tendency to blossom into a more than one cocktail ritual. Oh, and the holidays were epic from a gluttony perspective. So the Whole30 is a combination get healthier/dry January program. I still feel awesome. I rode 13 miles on my bike today, for the first time in over 8 years - I blame pre
  8. Hello! I just started my whole30 yesterday too. I've tried two Whole30s so far and only made it 10 days, but that's some kind of victory. I'm super motivated - something about start of a new year, especially because the back end of 2019 was pretty hard (lost several people). Yesterday, I made the Asian Steak Salad from NomNomPaleo for dinner. It was good but there was probably not quite enough dressing. My daughter added more and thought it was delicious. tonight, I'm going to make Potsticker Stir Fry (also NomNomPaleo).