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    cehawley reacted to AmyG74 in First timer starting January 2!   
    I'm on Day 5 now and feeling pretty good! I was really tired yesterday and took a half-hour nap before dinner, and then had some trouble falling asleep, but overall have felt like my quality of sleep has been better, which is nice. 
    Meals are going pretty well, but I feel like I need to do more raw veggies versus always cooking them.
    Have only had a few really hard cravings to overcome, mostly on Day 3. Baked goods are my weakness, lol! But I resisted and I find the cravings getting less as each day passes and I fine-tune my eating. 
    I can tell this is flushing out the bad stuff from my body though - my rings are feeling looser, my body looks a bit deflated with no puffiness/bloating, and I feel different on the inside. All good!!
    We've almost got a whole week down - way to go, y'all!
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    cehawley reacted to Ann in First timer starting January 2!   
    I made the Potsticker Stir-Fry earlier this week and have been having it on a bed of spinach for lunch the last couple days.  If I make this again, I'm going to increase the vegetables (cabbage, carrots & mushrooms), as it was very meat heavy (although delicious).  Putting it on spinach helped a lot.  
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    cehawley got a reaction from Ann in Carolyn's January 2020 Whole30 Journey   
    Yesterday was a little challenging. Mostly from a fatigue perspective, but I attribute that to fighting a virus - not anything with Whole30. And I went shopping at Ralph's, which did not have (1) Flank Steak, (2) Ground Pork and (3) enough shrimp for my planned meals. That was so frustrating. And they didn't have coconut milk! I usually hit Vons (I live in SoCal), but logistically, Ralph's made more sense with respect to errands. Guess I'll have to hit up some more specialty markets around here to get some more ingredients.
    I did make this wonderful Pecan-crusted salmon. OMG, sooooooo good.
    This morning, kids are on their way to school, and I'm about to step out the door to go to work. Luckily, work is an easier place to stay on plan. I have a very health-focused colleagues, and if I don't have the time to prep anything, there's a natural grocery store three blocks away that has a great salad bar - very easy to stay on plan with that choice!
    i wish everyone well.
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    cehawley got a reaction from Ejanecek83 in First timer starting January 2!   
    Thanks! There are a lot of reasons I'm doing the Whole30. First is that (at least at first) when I have a strict regimen, it's easy to follow all the rules. I've frankly been "trying" to lose weight for quite a while, but when evening rolls around, my husband and I truly enjoy our cocktail ritual. Which has a tendency to blossom into a more than one cocktail ritual. Oh, and the holidays were epic from a gluttony perspective. So the Whole30 is a combination get healthier/dry January program. I still feel awesome. I rode 13 miles on my bike today, for the first time in over 8 years - I blame pregnancy, a small child, then investing more energy in SCUBA than cycling. But it was great. Roasting a chicken tonight with roast potatoes and sauteed spinach on the side.