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  1. First 2 days have been good - waiting for the side effects the book talks about. I may not get it as much since I don't eat wheat and dairy anyway. The sugar dragon did show up on Day 1 while we were out to eat. My boyfriend did not have any fruit or nuts at his house, so I asked the bar tender for a slice of orange - did the trick. Now I have dates and nuts at his house just in case. Good luck with your Whole 30!
  2. A co-worker did whole 30 to support his wife, after talking to him, decided to give this a try. I have food allergies - all dairy products - eggs - wheat intolerance - sugar cane. I have found all sorts of substitutes over the years but tend to grab the snacks instead of eating healthy. I have dieted before some success, some not. I'm doing this on my own. My boyfriend is not. Been planning for a while on what to do - go to our camp every other weekend no cooking there other than microwave, eat dinner out most nights, teach so eat lunch early in the day, cleaned out the frig, freezer,