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  1. So happy to find this post!! I am struggling with this as well. We have several friends doing a dry January, but not the Whole30. After a stressful day I was relying too much on a couple glasses of wine so this will be an excellent re-set! I had sparking water with a splash of lime and fruit juice (100%). It definitely helped more than having just water like I did the first two nights.
  2. I started January 2nd as well. I am so glad that this forum is available because I am going this alone. My husband supports it and has agreed to the no grains at home meals and mostly no alcohol. He likes the two meals I have made so far and I think he will be surprised just viewing some of the recipes. I hardly slept last night (which I do have trouble sleeping, but last night I was awake for over 2 hours). Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone done the whole30 before? If so, how long before you see a sleep improvement. It's my number one reason for trying this.