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  1. Haven't fallen off the wagon yet! A lot of my meals have been quite similar lately so I apologize for any redundancy. I feel like I'm eating a lot more on this Whole30 than at my baseline, especially fats. While we're being completely honest, I often feel like I'm eating too much fat. Also, still waiting on that alleged tiger blood. Day 14 - Sunday M1 - Eggs x2 and the small amount of smoked salmon that was left in the fridge. M2 - After heading to TJ's and WF for my weekly grocery haul, I didn't make it home until around 2 PM and ended just having a bunch of (compliant) dry roasted cas
  2. Long time no see! I've been so bad about not getting any pictures, but I'll try to fix that next week! Day 9 - Tuesday M1 - Eggs x 2 with smoked salmon and arugula. Later I had a bulletproof matcha with collagen and MCT oil, which I had around noon to tide me over. M2 - Same as yesterday. I planned to eat lunch a little later in the afternoon because I knew I'd be at Grand Rounds until 8 and didn't want to cave in to the catering. We had two mandatory lectures that afternoon, and due to my lack of willingness to make the lecture hall smell like tuna, I ended up having to wait un
  3. Day 6 (continued): I felt like I got hit by a semitruck. Slept for about 10 hours the night before and still didn't feel like I got nearly enough sleep. I was in bed by about 8:00, as opposed to my usual bedtime of 10:30. Day 7: M1 - Eggs x 2 with Veracha and nutritional yeast, and my usual coffee creation. Then I went to TJ's and WF for some groceries and passed the free samples with eyes fully averted. TJ's now carries this compliant almond milk that only contained water and almonds, which I was super excited about! M2 - Apple with almond butter, snow peas (I know,
  4. Day 5: M1 - Eggs x 2 with Veracha, on a bed of arugula; 1 serving smoked salmon; my usual "bulletproof" coffee. M2 - Salad (arugula, snow peas, 1/2 avocado, nutritional yeast) with homemade ginger-sesame dressing. We were to do ophthalmic exams in clinical skills today, meaning I'd be in really close contact with the standardized patients and didn't want to smell like a smoked salmon. Speaking of, I came super close to accepting a piece of gum out of habit but politely declined it with a quick "No thank you, I'm doing a Whole30." I felt super awkward doing it because I was taught fro
  5. Day 3: M1 - Eggs x 2 with Veracha and sauteed dinosaur kale and arugula; coffee with TJ's unsweetened almond milk and collagen. M2 - Same as yesterday! Snow peas, cauliflower, HB eggs x 2, 2 tbsp homemade ginger-sesame dressing, and an apple. M3 (unpictured) - I was at school pretty late and I had to run to the store for eggs (ran out) and picked up some sweet potatoes while I was at it. For dinner I had the last of the cauliflower (about 1/2 cup?) and microwaved a small sweet potato and put a glob of almond butter in it. I had heard of the sweet potato/almond butter combination
  6. Day 2: M1 - Sunny-side up eggs x 2 with zoodles, topped with Veracha, plus coffee with TJ's almond milk and Vital Proteins collagen. Later on I had some lavender rooibos tea (compliant AND made by a local lavender farm!). M2 - I didn't have the appetite for a salad, so I brought some snow peas, raw cauliflower, hard-boiled eggs x 2, and 2 tbsp of my ginger-sesame dressing for dipping. I also grabbed an apple from the assortment of free food in the student lounge. It was very filling and would definitely work for future lunches, except maybe I'll have to switch out the apple for somet
  7. Day 1: M1 - Chia seed pudding (chia seeds, coconut milk, unflavored Vital Proteins collagen, blackberries, and pomegranate), coffee with TJ's unsweetened almond milk. **Note: I found out this morning that chia pudding was discouraged, so I froze the rest of my 7-day batch to save it for post-W30 breakfasts. I wasn't hungry for about seven hours after breakfast. Pre-Whole30 I was accustomed to having a Quest bar or something similar for breakfast, which would keep me satiated for a few hours but I'd be ravenous by noon. It was 2 PM before my hunger cues actually kicked in. M2 - T
  8. Unfortunately I haven't made my own yet! One thing I've learned over the past two years is that sometimes you have to pay for convenience, but I'd love to make my own when I have the time. Whole Foods has some compliant chicken and turkey bone broths-- I got the approved Kettle & Fire flavors to try because they were on sale, but I might get the 365 brand next time because it's less expensive.
  9. Adding to that, roasted vegetables tossed in EVOO or whatever spices you desire is a good way to add fat to your meals. Avocados are a good source as well; I always add about 1/4 avocado (since all my dressings are oil-based and add some fat already) to all my salads. Maybe if your recipes don't contain any fat, you could have about 1/2 avocado on the side.
  10. Hi all, I'm new! A bit about me: I'm female, I'm in my second year of medical school, and we're about to start preparing for our first set of board exams. I attempted the Whole30 twice; my first attempt proved unsuccessful after 23 days, but my second attempt almost one year ago was very successful in spite of all the temptations (free food) and struggles (staying social and finding compliant meals at restaurants around town), and I felt amazing afterwards. I want to reset my diet after two weeks of very unhealthy holiday eating and develop healthy eating habits that help eliminate fatigu
  11. As luck would have it, I am also starting my second round of the Whole30 on January 6! Unfortunately I don't live in Cleveland (is Virginia close enough? ) I'm a little younger than you and go to graduate school, so I definitely understand the need for a support network that has a shared set of goals and values-- it would be great to find a group of people to serve as encouragement and accountability buddies, especially on those rough days. I know we're both internet strangers but I'd love to serve as support for your journey. Best wishes with your second round!