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  1. Thanks. I'll avoid them at parties and pick out the peanuts from the ones at home since they are just nuts, no other ingredients.
  2. I know I can't have peanuts, but I was at an event that had mixed nuts. Can I eat mixed nuts and just give the peanuts to my hubby or is that too much cross contamination? I also have some cans of mixed nuts at home and am wondering if I can do the same, pick out the peanuts and put them in a jar for hubby and eat the complaint nuts.
  3. Hello. I know soy is not allowed in tuna, but what about vegetable broth? Great Value Tuna fish at Walmart states the ingredients are: light tuna, water, vegetable broth, salt. The can does not contain any soy warnings and states the tuna is gluten free. Is this compliant? I've looked through the book and the forums. If vegetable broth is listed as an ingredient, do you assume it is compliant broth or non compliant? I can't find any additional details about what they include in vegetable broth.