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  1. I am about to complete my Whole 30. I timed it this way because I have a function five days after I finish. I was wanting to jump right back on for another 30 days after the function, but I'm wondering if I don't eat anything off plan but drink a glass of wine during reintro, would I still be able to reintroduce other foods gradually to see how they affect me or after the alcohol, would I start again and wait until after those 30 days to slow reintroduce foods? Does alcohol count as a "food" during reinto such as if I had dairy one day with the rest compliant, then had two days compliant and then tried something else. Will the sugars in it throw everything off or can you reintro this first? Thanks!
  2. WSShannon

    Vacation after Whole 30 - what to expect

    Thank you! I had a friend who is a fitness bikini competitor and she usually reverse diets after doing the competition strict prep. She went on a cruise right after a show and swelled up really bad - not sure if the salt, liquor, junk food. She had to go get water pills cause it was so bad. I'm curious if anyone has had anything like that happen to them. I'm a little freaked out I may blow up and be somewhere I can't get what I need.
  3. I will be going on a cruise and visiting five different islands about a week after I finish up my 2nd round of Whole 30. I'm wondering if there are things I can expect such as will I get really bloated right away after eating things I have eliminated for two months (I'm doing a back to back with just one day break in between for a special occasion dinner). Especially having alcohol back in my system and knowing I may over indulge from time to time. So reintroduction aside, if you just start eating everything you eliminated, who has experienced any side affects to this - aside from probably feeling icky. I want to try different island foods, etc. but have any type of meds I may need around too. Thanks!