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  1. So its day 24 of my first Whole30 (actually my first attempt was a year and a half ago but I only lasted 3 days that time so it doesn't count) and i can't imagine doing this for another week! I haven't had one single NSV which is very discouraging especially when I read through the list of potential NSVs. My energy levels fluctuate so much day to day. The one day I got up with energy i organized my two big projects that I've been meaning to do for a long time. The next day I could hardly get out of bed because i was so tired (at 10 am!). I've been super gassy the whole time and these last few days has been straight up diarrhea. My breath has gotten worse. The only "NSV" I've noticed is that my wedding ring got looser which then caused it to slip off and now its lost forever. Frankly I am kind of embarrassed since I talked the Whole30 up so much to everyone i spoke to about it and it turned out to be such a failure. If I step on the scale after putting myself through all this and find I haven't lost anything I will be terribly disappointed. That being said I am breastfeeding a 5 month old baby so I'm not sure if that would effect the results that much but I have managed to maintain my milk supply throughout. I'm sure by the time anyone reads this it'll be too late since nobody ever responded to the last question I asked but I figure it's worth a shot.
  2. I am on my 9th day of Whole30 and my 4 month old, exclusively breastfed baby got sick on the very first day and has been sick since. He sounds super wheezy but tested negative for RSV and didn't respond to Albuterol like babies with Asthma do. I just realized today that it has lasted exactly as long as my W30 so I haven't spoken to the pediatrician about it yet but I thought I might get some help here since y'all are more familiar with W30 and its effects. Could this be caused by my changes in diet (I'll admit I didn't have the best diet in the world prior to W30 and my hangover days were rough) or is it just coincidence? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!