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  1. Yeah I know, and I have told him. Hopefully he'll listen now. Was hoping someone had actually experienced the difference before & after to help me convince him. Thank you so much for the quick reply
  2. Has anyone found chewing gum has actually affected their whole30? My husband is the only one in the family who's not greeting any reduction in how hungry he is between meals but he won't stop chewing gum & I think that could be what's messing him up? We're on day 11 but no matter how much he eats at meals he still says he gets hungry in between. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi all. I started my whole family on the Whole30 on 6th Jan. I did it in Oct as a trial run to introducing them to it as well. It's me, my husband & our 2 sons (8 & 6 yrs old). One. Of the main reasons is to see if it helps my boys with a number of issues, some of which may be ASD & ADHD related (still awaiting assessments). Anyone else doing this with children of similar ages?