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    @Jihanna Thank you! Data has always been my favourite! 
    @Mfaramchi let me know how you find the recipe. I am going to make it next week and have them with a salad for lunches.
    I had a look and we only have one Orange Theory location in London right now. I go to the gym for weights 3 x a week (just doing my own thing) and try to run twice a week on the treadmill. I've started doing an ashtanga yoga class once a week in the last few months too which I really enjoy. But I think that over the last year even a good amount of activity hasn't been able to outweigh my poor eating habits.  This is really making a difference. On Day 16 now!
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    I love crusted chicken also, but I tend to avoid it because I know my ability to go way overboard with it. I've come to really appreciate "poppers" during (and since) my Whole30 time -- they're sort of like squished meatballs that can be made with varying ingredients to achieve different flavor profiles. Michelle @ Unbound Wellness has quite a few popper recipes that are compliant (like this one). We buy more ground turkey than chicken 'round here, so mine wind up being turkey poppers, but it works for me... I get some flavor, some crunch, and some convenience (because I can make them ahead of time and just reheat as needed), without the drive-through cost, guilt, or gastric aftermath  
    @littleyellowdiary I just had to say that I absolutely love your profile pic. Always one of my favorites from the series (a friend of mine even had kittens named Data and Lore, at one point, teehee). The recipe you posted looks smashing, and I wish I trusted myself with it enough to try it 
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    @Mfaramchi Hi Maggie!
    If you're craving chicken nuggets I really recommend this recipe. It's not a Whole30 one but I've made it in the past and everything but the sauce is compliant. I think I will make it next week and it is so delicious.
    Congratulations on an amazing result in December - 21lbs is crazy! I can only dream of losing that much, but I have noticed on Day 16 that already my arms feel bigger in the gym so I think I am laying on some muscle which is great. I used to eat almost vegetarian and I wonder if I wasn't getting enough protein. I am eating so much meat on Whole30 and I think my body likes it.
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    Hi! My name is Maggie and I live in Mckinney Texas! On December 1st I started my whole30 journey with the push and guidance from a fellow teacher at my school!
    I completed my 30 days and had a 21 pound weight loss and I feel so great! Everyone is asking for tips and advise and I'm so very proud of myself!
    I am making it a lifestyle now because I don't like that D word! (diet)
    I would love any advice or tips on how to stay strong when those chicken nugget temptations start to rise! :) 
    I look forward to being a part of this group! 
    Thanks in advance