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  1. Hi Jill: I am a newbie to Whole30 but wanted to encourage you to keep going! Hold a firm positive mental picture of yourself succeeding - and do not permit this to fade - no matter what fear or worry creeps into your mind based upon the past. Keep seeking those positives you are finding - like stabilized blood sugar - that is AWESOME! My fasting blood sugar has reduced well too! I have my own health challenges that I walked into Whole30 with and have done 2 other simliar resets. I noted that I don't lose weight and see rewards as quickly as others. It takes me a few extra weeks
  2. I have also experienced canker sores that I am sure have been related to excess stress - as well as low Vitamin B. I would recommend getting some extra B. I know - they are uncomfortable!!! Hope this helps, Karen
  3. Good job Pep! Yeah I totally miss my beer :::sigh:::: but hanging tough on day 7 with no intention of cheating. The eggs dish above looks really yummy. I applaud you making it work at the Brewpub. Hubby is doing this with me (thank the heavens) so we have decided to just stay in and cook. Best wishes! Karen
  4. Hi all: My husband and I are finishing up day 7. I noticed the same issue of not staying asleep. I have had this periodically in the last 6 months but it's been nearly every day for this first week and melatonin is not working. I do fall asleep pretty easy but don't stay asleep. It's frustrating. The funny thing is that I feel great! Ha! We are eating very similarly to annierl. I rarely get hungry unless I get stuck delaying a meal. Every day it just gets better and better. I mean we miss some things mentally but not physically. We have made some goofs like having b