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    Hi everyone!   I was here last year around July/August 2019.  I'm 33 now and my starting weight at the beginning of 2020 was 240!  [Shriek!  Highest ever for me.]  I am here again to make something wonderful happen in my life!  Every Nov/Dec, I start getting depressed.  I think one reason is the weight gain, I'm sure.  The other is the lack of sunshine.  Unfortunately, I can't do UV therapy (according to my rheumatologist) because I have lupus and UV light can trigger a lupus flare (achy joints, rash, etc).  Here is where my grandma would say- are you taking your vitamin D supplements?  And the answer is actually "no", so okay, I should really start doing that...
    Anyway, for one week (since Dec 31st), I have been doing awesome (if I may say so) with exercising and I have actually lost 8 pounds (yes, a lot of that is water weight, but I still feel proud!)
    I am on a roll, and I'm making better decisions about food, not drinking alcohol, and not stopping at restaurants or coffee shops.
    Something is missing though- I need to log, I need to write down how I feel and what I'm eating because it's a big part of the journey to better health.
    So here I am again, ready to put all of my thoughts here.  Maybe I will get to know some people here- I hope I do.  It sure is easier to remember to log in and post when I look forward to reading posts from other people.  Right now I am eating healthier but I will spend the next week or so planning what foods to have around the house for a successful Whole30.  I'm looking forward to feeling better and less tired.  I think I've already gone through a sugar withdrawl even though I only drastically reduced my intake, and didn't completely stop yet.  I'm hoping I don't get the sugar withdrawl symptoms again when I quit cold turkey!   Wish me luck!
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    Runningmom reacted to w30virgo in w30Virgo Round 3 January 2020   
    Okay, so my meals this weekend and today. I'm going to be pretty detailed here, in case anyone from Pittsburgh, or who's visiting, is looking for restaurants with compliant options.
    Friday for dinner we went to OTB (Over the Bar) in the South Side of Pittsburgh. This restaurant has a Paleo menu (they're near a Crossfit gym), so I figured we could find something good.  I had "Heaven on a Plate" which was a turkey burger over sauteed veggies, topped with chipotle aioli, and a side salad with vinaigrette. It was fine, but I didn't really feel satisfied afterwards. I think there wasn't as much fat as I'm used to in the meals I make myself. We had a nice time at happy hour with my family and dinner, then went home.
    Saturday - Day 10 - this was a long day.
    M1 - Went to breakfast with my parents at Square Cafe in Regent Square. I love this place - it's a super cute neighborhood cafe, and their food is fresh and delicious. I had a smoked salmon scramble (asked the server for it to be prepared without dairy - she made sure with the kitchen that the eggs wouldn't be scrambled with milk), topped with red onion, tomatoes, & capers, and a side of mixed greens with a vinaigrette.
    After breakfast, we went to an RV show. Breakfast held me over well, until around 1:30 PM - we had breakfast around 9 AM. I started to get hungry, but I was prepared with snacks. I had a refillable water bottle, two Chomps sticks, an Epic bar, an individual packet of olives, a bag with almonds, and seaweed snacks in my bag. I gave one of the Chomps sticks to a friend who was with us, had a few almonds, and split the other Chomps stick with my boyfriend. I tried the seaweed - it was the first time I had it. I did not care for it, LOL. This is great, because I bought a 6-pack of them at Trader Joe's. I'll have to find a way to use them in recipes. I got an unsweetened iced tea to get the taste out of my mouth and drank about half of it.
    M2 - Walked from the convention center downtown to Burgatory in the North Shore. This is a chain in Pittsburgh, that has multiple locations. They have a build your own burger option, which I got. I got a Wagyu burger topped with mushrooms, grilled onions, avocado, and pickled jalapenos, with (another) side salad with vinaigrette. Yum! This was delicious - would totally get it again. I got to really enjoy a great burger without feeling terrible and bloated afterwards.
    We went to a few bars to have drinks and watch football. We went to one in the North Shore that had hundreds of beers, and they had an impressive non-alcoholic drinks section of their menu. I saw they had Red Ribbon sodas (a small company from the Pittsburgh area) and their plain seltzer is one of my favorites, so I asked for that. They didn't have it. I asked about another sparkling water I saw on the menu - did it contain sugar? - the server didn't know. I ordered it to try, and she brought me the bottle unopened. Sadly, it had sugar in it, so I gave it back to her and just had soda water from the gun. Oh well.
    When discussing where to go to dinner, I let me family pick where they wanted, since they'd been so good with our restrictions. They wanted to go back to the South Side, to a British (Scottish?) restaurant we love, Piper's Pub. There were a few different options I could get with some modifications, and hallelujah, I wouldn't have to have salad again. I love salad, but having it for 5 meals in a row was a bit much. We went to a bar in South Side to watch the game before dinner. The only area with a table big enough for our group was on the smoking side. I didn't want to be on the smoking side for obvious reasons, but I'm also a former smoker, so the nicotine cravings on top of everything else (noncompliant food, alcohol, etc.) started to wear on me. I stayed in pretty good spirits, though, and made it to dinner.
    M3 - Piper's Pub on the South Side - love this place. I ordered a grilled salmon dish, no sauce, with roasted fingerling potatoes & green beans. The salmon was, no lie, the best salmon I have ever had. I can't wait to go back and have it again, LOL.
    I'll update with Sunday and today's meals a little later.
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    Runningmom reacted to w30virgo in w30Virgo Round 3 January 2020   
    Happy Monday! We're at Day 12. 
    I'm feeling quite good. We had a busy weekend - out from 8 AM-8 PM Saturday, then all morning yesterday. We had a good time with my parents and managed to find compliant meals everywhere we went.
    Since we were so busy this weekend, I didn't end up getting much meal prep done. I did most of the prep for a breakfast casserole yesterday, and my boyfriend finished it up while he was watching football last night (I'm an early-to-bed person). After we got home yesterday, I was SO happy to be back to my own home-cooked meals. We were able to find compliant foods while eating out, but it really is stressful to be sure that you're asking the right questions, and to resist all of the noncompliant options.
    I was really impressed with how far I've come in my ability to navigate social situations on Whole30, though. I had my if/then plan in my head, was calm and confident in each situation, and had a really nice time spending time with my family. During my first Whole30, my boyfriend and his family were going to the Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA - it's a huge trade show for the agriculture industry, with live animals, butter sculptures, all kinds of vendors, and tons of delicious (and almost all unhealthy) food. I was planning to go with them, but the morning that we were leaving I had a meltdown because I didn't have enough time to get my meals packed, and just stayed home. Looking back, I almost can't believe the way I handled that situation. I can find so many different strategies where I could have been successful (hello, prepare your food the night before, not the morning of!). It makes me happy that, while I may not have lost much weight over the past three years, my mind has changed so significantly. I think that the changes in my relationship with food are a better NSV than losing weight, anyway.
    Here's a run-down of how I'm feeling:
    Sleep: Good. Saturday into Sunday, I woke up early (6:00 AM on a weekend), feeling really anxious. I think part of it was the dream I was having, and part of it was just thinking about all the stuff I wanted to do, that I wasn't able to with my parents visiting. Last night, I slept well, but didn't feel well-rested when my alarm went off at 6:05. I let myself sleep until Dave's first alarm went off at 6:45 AM.
    Skin: No new zits, my pores still look good.
    Digestion: It was better Saturday/Sunday, but today is giving me some issues. I think all the food I ate outside the house is coming back to affect me.
    Energy: Good. On Saturday, I was in good spirits all day until, after lunch, we went to a bar to watch football. We sat in the smoking side of the bar, and I just started to get to a point where I wanted to leave and go home. I stayed with everyone until we all went home after dinner, but I was getting tired. We walked 4 miles on Saturday, and I wasn't wearing the best shoes for it, so I'm sure that contributed. Yesterday, I had good energy all day, but I just wanted to relax when we got back from the morning with my parents. I'm definitely an introvert, and that much socializing takes a lot out of me.
    I'll update with the meals I ate, and some grocery shopping we did, a little later.
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    Runningmom reacted to w30virgo in w30Virgo Round 3 January 2020   
    I started my third round of Whole30 this morning. I posted a log here of my round 2, and found it very helpful to keep myself on track with recipes, meal prep, and tracking my NSVs. I stopped posting around the end of February, in a Post-Whole30 log, and I wish I had kept it up. I've taken up journaling as a habit in the past few months, and have found it very clarifying. I don't really want to keep my Whole30 log in my normal journal though, because I enjoy the community aspects of the W30 forum, and have a separate place to just focus on the way I'm eating and feeling physically is easier for me.
    I just reviewed my W30 log from last year, when I did my second round, and I was happy to see that I've maintained some of the habits I developed last round. I've kept up walking - I walk 45 minutes each day, at least, which has helped to keep my spirits up. I've gotten more into hiking as well, taking several trips in the last year that focused on hiking, rather than eating/drinking, as I'd done in the past. 
    I've slipped on the way I eat, however, which is why I'm back to Whole30. I find myself making less healthy decisions more frequently than healthy ones, and I want to get back to energy and motivation that eating Whole30 provides me. So, I'm back for another round, and this time, my boyfriend is doing his first Whole30 with me. I'm excited to have a partner on this round, if just to share the dishes and grocery bills! 
    So, I'm planning to do a by-the-book Whole30, avoiding fruit/nut convenience bars which I had some issues with self-control concerning my last round. We did a quick grocery shopping trip yesterday, to get ourselves food for dinner, today, and tomorrow. I'll do a more thorough meal plan/prep this weekend for the upcoming week. We live in Pittsburgh, and the only grocery store around that was open was Giant Eagle, a local chain that we don't frequently shop at. They tend to be a bit more expensive than other grocery stores, so we normally stick to Costco, Aldi, Trader Joes, and different markets in the Strip District, which is a market neighborhood in Pittsburgh close to the area where we live. Last round, I tracked my groceries and spending, so I'd like to do that again. I left our receipt from yesterday in the car, so I'm going to get it later and update my log today or tomorrow with what we bought and how much we spent.
    Our plan for the next couple days:
    Breakfast: Cabbage cooked with sausage and eggs.
    Lunch - Buffalo Chicken Salads - My boyfriend (we live together) got an Instant Pot for Christmas, so I'm planning to christen it by making this buffalo chicken recipe:
    Dinner - Yesterday: Beefy Foil Packets - I don't really follow a recipe for these, but they are a Whole30 favorite of ours - 4 cups diced potatoes, 4 c diced veggies (we used zucchini last night), 1 lb ground beef, choice of seasoning (we used Primal Palate's Adobo) - mix together and divide into four foil packets on a baking sheet. Bake at 400 F for 45 minutes, top with desired fat/sauce (I used a Central PA brand - Torchbearer - Smoky Horseradish Sauce and also added some Roasted Garlic Cleveland Kraut).
    Tonight - Sheet Pan Dinner - I'm just going to wing this - we have some delicata squash and we got some broccoli at the store yesterday, so I'm going to roast those together and then add Aidell's Chicken Apple Sausage (a great Whole30 option that we get at Costco) during the last 20 minutes. We'll top it with some compliant ranch or maybe some other sauce.
    Tomorrow - White Chicken Chili (this recipe: I made this during my last Whole30 and it was delicious! I'll need to run to Trader Joe's after work today or tomorrow to get coconut milk for it, because I couldn't find a compliant brand at the Giant Eagle we went to last night.
    Then Saturday we'll have our meal plan, and do a larger shopping trip. If I can get it together, I'd like to make a more complete meal plan today, so I can get some stuff at TJs for it when I go, hopefully eliminating some grocery shopping this weekend.
    Here's my log so far today:
    Breakfast - 1/4 lb savory sage breakfast sausage, 2 c red cabbage, sauteed, and 1 fried egg. - This held me over to lunch really well - it's been about 5 hours, and I just got hungry for lunch in the last 1/2 hour.
    Lunch - I didn't get around to making the buffalo chicken today, so I'm going to just have some leftover beefy foil packet for lunch, with avocado.
    Dinner - We'll either do buffalo chicken salad or the sheet pan meal, I'll let my boyfriend decide.
    I started to get some heartburn around 10 AM, but it was short-lived. I'm feeling anxious today, but I think it's mostly because it's my first day back at work after the holidays and almost 2 weeks off.
    I haven't weighed/measured myself yet, so I'll probably do that later today, just to have a starting point for how things are looking from a scale perspective.
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    Runningmom got a reaction from heb2014 in day 3   
    I’m on Day 3. Kale salad and hard boiled eggs as well as coffee and nut pods for meal 1.
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    Runningmom got a reaction from heb2014 in day 3   
    I’m on Day 3. Kale salad and hard boiled eggs as well as coffee and nut pods for meal 1.