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    Bloating and blockages

    Thanks for getting back; heres what i ate the last 2 days; breakfast: boiled egg, mushrooms and spinach fried in olive oil, roasted sweet potato. lunch: prawn thai curry with courgette, red pepper, spinach and kale on cauliflower rice. breakfast: chia made with almond milk, banana, roasted coconut, blueberry and pomegranate, tomates on the side. lunch: left over prawn curry. dinner: chicken with homemade hot sauce, roasted sweet potatoes and a carrot and cabbage salad with orange and basil dressing. so both kale and cauliflower !! any ideas how to get extra fat in my diet? Try to always have a glass of water at hand, just i be drinking more on whole30?
  2. Hey, im on day 10 and its going great, mood is up, my hot flushes have stopped. Only trouble is terrible bloating and trouble going to the toilet. I bloat normally so i have been trying to go for the fodmap veggies. But doesnt seem to help. Also normally have no problem in the toilet department. Its getting uncomfortable. Ive been taking digestive enzymes the last 2 days but no improvement. Is it my gut adjusting? Im i doing something wrong? Any advice?