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  1. Thank you Shani and Emily for the tips. Yes, I didn't realize it was a faux pas to weigh yourself. (I've done it most days in my life to keep myself in line). Like I said, I am doing this program because my husband has to lose 30# for a lung transplant. I was looking at it for the decrease in inflammation for myself. I have skipped dinners for a long time, so in order to help my husband, I had to find a good program that was doable for life, (not just for awhile), and needed to include 3 meals for him. I just didn't want to end up gaining weight. Thanks for the ideas. I will try s
  2. Hi, I am a newbie, I started Jan 1st for myself and my husband. My husband was diagnosed with IPF last year (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis), and needs a lung transplant. However, he needs to lose 30 lbs before they will put him on the list. He tried to diet it on his own, but failed miserably. When I help, he loses weight. When I go back to my normal life and ignore his eating, he gains it right back. So, he started my boot camp on Jan 1 which includes Whole 30 and he joined a gym! My questions: 1) I would like to know the whole foods compliant condiments that sylvie 3355 suggests