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  1. Hi. I am not an expert; I'm only on Day 28 and have not even started reintroduction. However, I read your note and wanted to mention a few things: 1. Congratulations on completing a Whole30! 2. Sounds like you are doing great with watching your sugar consumption! That's awesome!! 3. Sugars in fruits/veggies are not the same as added sugars, although you may have fruit that does wake your "Sugar Dragon" because of the natural sugars or even carrots for some. 4. Stay away from corn... as you realized. It is good that you discovered this issue. Your plan sounds good to me after reading Food Freedom Forever, but - again - I'm not an expert and I'm hoping another person with more experience with send you a note. Good luck! Maria
  2. Maria45

    Advice for Whole90?

    Terra, In this reintroduction forum, there is a person who opened a new topic on regretting her (or his) Whole30 because she/he is sick throughout her reintroduction. She wrote this on Thursday and no one responded to her! I felt so bad that I sent her (or him) a response, but I am no expert (only on Day 28 of the program). I know that she could use your advice on reintroduction. Can you please respond to her (or him)?
  3. Hi. I'm new to this and I have not even started re-introduction. I'm on Day 28 of the reset. However, I wanted to reach out to you since I noticed that you did not have any responses and I want to support you. If at any point you are feeling true anxiety or depression, please see your doctor immediately. That is nothing to ignore. I think that you did get a lot out of the Whole30. You said that you had more drive, motivation, and mental clarity as well as needing your coffee less. That's great! Also, I think that the strange stools are pretty normal as your body is processing new things and your body may not be used to so many vegetables, especially raw veggies that can be hard to digest. Beyond this, I apologize that I cannot help more. I hope that someone with more experience will jump in with a response for you. Hope you are feeling better. Maria
  4. Hi Everyone. When I am preparing a time-consuming protein, I like to have an easy side dish. Here is a compliant recommendation that you can get in the freezer section of Whole Foods: Cascadian Farm Organic - Root Vegetable Hashbrowns (only 3 ingredients - organic Yukon gold potatoes, organic carrots, organic sweet potatoes) I thought that it was a delicious side dish. Note that it takes a while to brown the veggies if you like your hashbrowns very crunchy.
  5. Maria45

    coconut yogurt help

    Thank you for replying! I am glad to hear that someone is in the same boat!! My SWYPO is Artisana cashew butter. It has only one ingredient: raw cashews. I had to give it up, or I would eat the whole thing, but I highly recommend it for you!
  6. Hi Everyone! Can you give me a recommendation for a good coconut yogurt that is Whole30 compliant? Also, can you let me know where I can get it or how I can order it? (I received suggestions for cocoyo and coyo, but I can't seem to find where to order them.) Thank you for any help that you can provide! Maria
  7. Maria45

    Feb 1st start

    Sounds great! Keep making sure that you have protein, lots of veggies, and a healthy fat with every meal. You mentioned sunflower butter. May I also recommend cashew butter? Artisana brand is just heavenly! Actually, I had to give it up because it was so good that it felt like an after-dinner dessert to me even though the only ingredient is raw cashews. Now I'm craving cashew nut butter and oat milk (Day 16). Good job trying out new recipes! Those will keep you from getting bored. Keep walking, too, because that will help. I'm glad that you have sunshine and 50 degrees. We've had one of the longest streaks with no sun at all in the Chicago area.
  8. Maria45

    Feb 1st start

    I hope that your headache is gone! That happens to me whenever I decide to give up coffee. From what I've read about the Whole30, it's fairly common to feel worse before you feel better. The headaches may come from giving up grains, I believe, but could be wrong. Keep going and you will feel better! Sending good wishes your way!!
  9. Maria45

    Today is THE DAY 2.1.20

    Just scrolling through some posts today, I'm noticing that a lot of people are starting on Feb. 1. You will be able to connect with them if you need support. I'm on Day 13 and, although still a newbie, I'll share a little advice. Make triple of everything so that you always have something that you can heat in a pinch. Check out the "Whole30 Approved" section of this site. It's at the top of the page. Some nice sauces and waters to spice up your Whole30! Just make sure that you read every single label carefully. Just because a company has a few products that are approved does not mean that they all are. Lastly, if sugar is your thing, try to stay away from too much fruit. I found myself substituting cashew nut butter, bananas, and pears for past desserts. Hope you feel great and get a lot out of the next 30 days!
  10. Maria45

    For the Love of Self. 02.20.

    Sending more power your way!! February is going to be a good month for you!
  11. Maria45

    Feb 1st start

    Hi. I am a newbie, too, and I'm on Day 13. It's great that you are prepared. I would make triple of everything so that all you have to do is heat something up when you are in need of something fast. I love the "Whole30 Approved" section of this website (at the top of this page). You can find some good sauces and other things to spice up your life. One note: Just because some of the items by the companies are approved, it does not mean that all of their products are approved. You still need to carefully look at sugars and ingredients even if it says "Whole30 Approved" on the bottle or container.
  12. Maria45

    day 11

    Funny - I'm missing cashew nut butter and oat milk!
  13. Maria45

    Ready for the Feb whole30

    Good luck to you! I just scrolled through this forum and noticed that many people are starting on Feb. 1. (I am not; I'm on Day 13.) However, it looks like you can connect with lots of people who are starting the same day that you are. That will be helpful. My advice: Try to avoid anything that wakes up your Sugar Dragon even if it's totally compliant. My issues were with cashew nut butter (only one ingredient - raw cashews - but it was kind of whipped so I felt like I was eating ice cream), bananas, and pears. Maria
  14. Maria45

    Count down to Feb 1 start date!

    How great to see so many starting on February 1! Wonderful that you will have the support of each other!! I am new to this and I'm on day 13 today. My advice (take it or leave it... I'm a newbie) is not to replace sugar to get that feeling of dessert in other ways. I had to give up cashew nut butter (only ingredient - raw cashews) because I was eating it out of the container and I felt like I was eating a pint of ice cream. I gave the nut butter to a friend. Then, I started eating pears and bananas. We don't have any more of them in the house and I'm not going to restock. One more piece of advice... I really like the "Whole30 Approved" section of this site. Just click on it; it's on the top of the page. You can find some nice options for sauces to make foods more interesting or "Hint Water" that adds a little lift to all of the water that you will be drinking. Nice companies that are Whole30 Approved! One caveat - Just because some of the company's items are compliant does not mean that all of them are. You must still check all ingredients and look for hidden sugars.
  15. Maria45


    Bueller, Sorry that no one has responded to you yet! I cannot help much since I'm only on Day 10 and it's my first Whole30, but I wanted to respond to let you know that someone out there is thinking of you and hoping for the best for you. All I can really say is that I was so bloated on Day 3. I looked much bigger than when I was pregnant. Then, I found out that it might have been partially related to my menstrual cycle. However, in the meantime, I did read a ton about people getting very bloated on the Whole30. I think that you are doing all of the right things and even exercising through the Whole30 when you may be tired or busy preparing foods. That's awesome! You're so close to day 30. Good job!! Sincerely, Maria