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    Maria45 got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Make your own "sub" sandwich   
    Hi.  My meal yesterday tasted so good and it was so easy.  I wanted to share the recipe.  My son just graduated and my family had sub sandwiches on two separate occasions.  So - I decided to make my own sub.
    1. get large leaf lettuce - thick to hold all "sandwich" components
    2. slice a grilled chicken breast and place it atop one of the large lettuce leaves  (I used cold chicken.)
    3. add Tessemae's mayonnaise (very tasty and Whole30 approved) atop the chicken breast slices
    4. cover mayo with nice red tomato slices
    5. put red onions over the tomato
    6. top the "sandwich" with the other large leaf
    7. cut in half and eat like a sandwich
    It was really delicious, I could eat "subs" with my family, and it took less than 10 minutes.  Delicious!