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    PEP got a reaction from BabyBear in Day Six!   
    What happened to negative peer pressure??? Are my friends and I too old for that now? Case in point, my hairdresser and I were supposed to go to happy hour after she finished my hair last night and I was MORE than ready to cheat, for her, LOL - well, not happening. She was encouraging of my eating plan and would have no part in being the reason for me cheating! Dang.
    I am struggling with the 'three meals a day' concept. That is not how I eat, per se. Normally, I like to eat smaller amounts more frequently (always being mindful of the food type/quantity/calories), so still working on achieving the three squares...I am really going to work hard and try to eat only three meals today. I also don't eat before boot camp - coffee yes, food no. I guess I could count that as a meal/snack so I could eat four times a day 
    Fortunately, I did not have to shop to start this eating plan and have been able to eat what I had on hand for the first five days. I went to the grocery yesterday to pick up a few items I don't normally have on hand e.g., compliant coconut milk, coconut flakes, Ghee. I feel like I am eating/adding a lot more fat to my diet than usual, albeit good fat, like EVOO, on my salads and wanted to see if I could find an alternative to use occasionally as well.
    We have this great, HUGE Pan-Asia grocery near by, so I browsed the aisles, read the labels and picked up some other items that I thought might be yummy AND compliant for condiments/sauce/dressing. I found a green chile chutney and coconut chutney, with very few ingredients and 0 - 3g fat, 0g sugars. I'll let you know how they work out. This store also has a great selection fresh fish and seafood, so I picked up some shrimp for coconut shrimp, which I will definitely make again.
    Sunday apps and dinner (my plate does NOT have peas on it) - we had coconut shrimp as an appetizer since dinner was running late and beef tenderloin that I adapted the recipe from the Coffee au Poivre Steaks with spiral potatoes. I did not use the coffee, just the pepper. I also discovered that I do not have a spiralizer that works on potatoes (it could be user error), but just in case, I think a trip to BBB with one of my 20% off coupons is in order!

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    PEP got a reaction from lizziehall in My First Day on Whole30   
    Thank you! Start of day three 
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    PEP got a reaction from BabyBear in Still hanging in there....   
    I realize that it has only been four days, so my title is probably misleading, but I am not one for not eating what I "want", and being mindful of calories. I have found though, that even going to boot camp 3 - 5 days a week and watching calories, it has been very difficult to shed weight and I really want to lose some LBS. My sister-in-law mentioned that she and her daughter did this and she had a lot of success and she looks fabulous, hence my 'foray' into the Whole30!
    The hubs and I went out last night, to one of our local "haunts", which, of course, is a brew pub. Mind you, this girl loves her hoppy (high alcohol) brews. I held strong and drank water with lemon and lime while the hubs drank some of my favorite IPAs.
    I had a salad, hold the cheese, croutons and dressing, please! I also had naked chicken wings (bleu cheese or ranch? neither, thanks, but I will take extra celery and carrots). Hope the chicken wings were not a no-no, but I knew that it would be easier to make sure there was no added unknown 'stuff' as opposed to a steak, breast or burger. 
    I did not have as much of a 'yearning' for something (bread, cheese, crackers!) yesterday and so far today as I did the first two days and I do not feel hungry, per se. 
    Last night was a tough one, but it probably helped that I had made a yummy casserole late morning. This is adapted from the 'Starter Kit' recipes. I used spinach instead of kale (that is what I had on hand) and added Brussels sprouts. Shared with the fam; the man-child is "not a fan of spinach", which he mentioned after every bite and the hubs, "of course you are putting Brussel sprouts in another wise perfect dish", but they both ate it!
    Day Four, I am making something with a beef roast and lots of veggies. I am also going to the grocery to pick up a few items. The nice thing is that this eating 'plan' is not that far off from our typical eating style, so I can make meals that are compliant and the hubs and man-child can add the restricted items to their plates as they wish!
    Carry on and Eat Whole 30!

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    PEP got a reaction from BabyBear in My First Day on Whole30   
    Hi Everyone!   Just started the W30 program yesterday. I read through a lot of comments on the forum, everyone is so supportive.
    I believe I was pretty compliant, but I hadn't read everything before I started although I certainly understood the concept. I had an egg-white omelet with spinach for breakfast, lettuce, tuna and avocado with rice vinegar and EVOO dressing for lunch and fish, potatoes (sautéed and finished in a compliant chicken broth) and mixed veggies for dinner. Attaching a pic of dinner; my husband enjoyed dinner as well! (of course, he is just happy when I cook a meal!)
    Looking forward to my journey with you all!