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  1. Congrats Terresa! My first whole30 was in 2014 and SO much has changed since then! A lot of foods you had to make yourself are now available in stores, and people are becoming more aware of the sugar and general garbage in our processed foods! I have an autoimmune disease and resets like this definitely help a ton!
  2. Do you know that Primal Kitchen makes whole30 approved mayo? It comes in a couple of flavors and they are delicious! There are also salad dressings and they will last longer than homemade. In my experience, it is a little bit more money up front to get condiments like these but just a few of them make a huge difference and will last you most if not all through your whole30! Keep it simple, have veggies and protein prepped and ready for you to combine into bowls or salads and don't worry too much about having to make everything from scratch! The Great Value bowls at Walmart are also a huge life
  3. I had this issue initially as well! I don't force myself to finish the meal, but I put it in the fridge and finish it when I am hungry. The idea with the "no snacking" rule is that snack foods are usually where you get yourself into the most trouble... convenience foods like chips or other nutrient lacking foods. The intent of the whole30 is to get you used to eating whole foods to nourish your body, but everyone falls into different rhythms. As long as you are staying true to the guidelines, let good enough be good enough! It takes time to figure out new portion sizing (and for your body to a