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  1. Found the additional ingredient of “essences” tacked onto natural flavors in my Polar Selzter Ginger Lime Mule. Ingredient list- carbonated water, natural flavors and essences. Is this whole30 compliant? Thanks!
  2. I personally don’t find that it tastes like beer, but more like a citrus sparkling water. Truly not looking for a beer replacement, just variety in the seltzer category. Thanks again, Shani!
  3. Thanks, Shani! It’s essentially sparkling water, not a beer replacement. It’s a pretty unique product, I’ve never seen anything like it!
  4. Is the Lagunitas Hop Refresher beverage whole30? Ingredients- carbonated water, dried hops, nutritional brewer’s yeast, and natural flavors. It’s non-alcoholic and gluten, sugar, carb free. I can’t find an answer online as to the nutritional brewers yeast.... thanks!