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  1. Please note I am not a medical expert, but I would recommend that you speak with a licensed physician about your metal health and medication. 

    On another note, try to focus on how you feel and not just what the number of the scale tells you. I know it's hard (I'm a scale-follower myself) but I've noticed that even though my scale number isn't always what I want it to be, when I'm honest with myself, I look and feel so much better after Whole 30 than ever before. 

    I would suggest reading/listening to Melissa's book; Food Freedom. I think one of the most important/hardest parts of Whole 30 is to get yourself away from the diet mentality. For me in the past it's always been about "am I being good (restraining myself) or being bad (not restraining myself), but having lifelong food freedom is about eating what you want when it's worth it and passing when it's not. It's a hard lesson to learn after a lifetime of diet mentality, but honestly it is incredibly freeing and it makes you feel like you're not deprived and always in control. 

    I hope this helps, hang in there and book a doctor appointment!

  2. I did Whole 30 in January. I was very pleased with the program, complied 100% and felt great. Fast forward to re-introduction, I decided to do slow roll reintroduction. Had a little red wine 1x a week for the first two weeks, felt fine. Now I'm 65 days into eating mostly Whole 30, and eat dairy, grains, added sugar, alcohol, legumes usually 1-2x a week only when it's worth it (food freedom). However, I've run into major issues that didn't exist pre-Whole 30. For example; I had two small pieces of pizza on Friday night. All weekend I felt terrible; sharp stomach pain, abnormal loose BM, and worst of all constant nausea. It is Monday morning and I am still incredibly nauseous. I could hardly eat anything yesterday it was so bad. I need to break out diary / gluten separately to see which is the problem, but I was wondering if any experienced these kinds of symptoms?

  3. I'm on Day 19, I have been 100% compliant and I am frustrated because I have low low energy levels. I am sleeping 8 hours a night, but I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning. After 1 cup of coffee, I'm okay, but by 3:00pm I am ready for a nap. All I can think of is that I'm not consuming enough is an average day;

    M1; 1 cup of coffee with nutpods. 8oz mason jar filled with sweet potato, ground turkey & leeks, 1.5 egg, and mushrooms + 1 cup of fresh berries
    M2; salad - 5 cups of kale, 1/2 cup tomatoes, 1/2 cup cucumbers, 1/2 cup banana peppers, 1/4 cup olives, 1/2 cup grilled chicken and compliant dressing.
    M3; palm sized grilled fresh wild salmon, broccoli/apple/walnut salad with pesto, roasted brussel sprouts

    I drink 80 - 100oz of water daily, I usually ride my Peloton bike 4-5 days a week; 30mins of riding and 10mins of weight training. My athletic performance has been dismal along with my energy levels. I've tried adding a compliant RX bar to M2, but it didn't seem to help at all with energy levels. 

    Please help!!