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  1. For anyone else who comes across this thread and wonders if it's possible to finish your whole30 in this situation, here's how it went for me and a little advice: I fainted post-surgery and the dentist wouldn't let me leave her office without drinking a whole Gatorade (immediate fail!) I'd recommend bringing a compliant juice with you, just in case! Other than the Gatorade, I stayed on track, figuring if sugar was the only non-compliant item it shouldn't affect my whole30 too much I took a prescription a pain-killer and an antibiotic for about 5 days towards the end of my who
  2. If there are certain things coming up beyond 30 days that you don't want to be sick for, I'd say it's fine to plan your reintro around it. For example, you can extend the whole30 reset days a couple days longer so that you aren't feeling crappy during a weekend getaway. Also, you can switch up the order you reintro foods to work for you. For example, if you know grains don't bother you, start there first! But remember you'll want to reset between each new food group. Don't stack things. Hope that helps!
  3. @Bamanursk, I feel you! I was doing great until the weekend hit! Ate out with my husband Friday and Saturday. As delicious as my salad was, it was hard to be at a burger joint and smell the fries. Remember your goal and keep in mind it's just 30 days! For me, I'm choosing to embrace going to restaurants as hard as it is to stay compliant, because I want to find healthy options I can order over the rest of my whole30 and beyond. Stay strong!
  4. Hi Whole30 fam, Im on Day 6 of my third round of Whole30 and just found out I need to have a wisdom tooth removed on Day 21. Looking for recipes to cheer me up and keep me going until I can eat solid foods again. Are popsicles allowed? What about milkshakes?? (Just kidding.. unless you have a recipe that falls outside the SWYPO rule, in which case this is not a joke!) Sincerely, Looking forward to unlimited scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, and applesauce