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  1. Yes, I was getting hungry before my next meal and feeling sluggish. I'm not sure if you are sticking to the protein and healthy fat recommendations, but I upped the protein and fat I had with meals and it helped with the hunger, it just started to wreak havoc on my digestion. So you might also try eating a little larger portion of protein and fat if you find one meal isn't holding you over til the next.
  2. I think I'm going to keep eliminating the sugar and the alcohol except for special occassions and otherwise go back to my Mediterranean diet. It is definitely good to keep those things in check while maintaining balance. Passing on the treats has been relatively easy for me, though I do love a piece of dark chocolate now and again. I definitely miss the variety of foods I am accustomed to eating and the wide range of flavors and textures that play off each other. The meats definitly do not suit me in larger quantities. I usually use meat as accents and rely on whole grains and beans to
  3. I'm thinking this program is better for people who are accustomed eating a lot of processed foods. Maybe they are the ones seeing drastic improvements. Coming from already eating a diet full of a wide variety of whole foods, this seems to be limiting my healthy options. I feel I am eating less healthily. Many meats, nuts, and olives have an awful lot of sodium, which is a bigger concern to me than whether I have toast once a week or a little maple syrup in my salad dressing.
  4. Hey all, MJ I'm with you. Lower abdominal distention going on here. I've also had a headache for two days. I'm struggling right now, not with staying compliant, I have no doubt I can do that, but with whether it is worth the aggravation. From where I sit I can't see anything good about this program. I am under the impression that eating more meat and eggs is not a good choice for me. I was really hopeful coming into this that the elimination part would be helpful in some way, but I'm just not seeing any benefit. If I were seeing some positive change I would be willing to for
  5. How's everyone doing so far?
  6. @Carol D welcome! Hope it is going well so far!
  7. @Breana Hello and welcome! I'm a newbie too! Just finished packing my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Hope it goes well for you!
  8. @RaeMack Hi there! Excited to have a few people to get started with. You both are on #3!!! I'll hit you guys up if I run into snags. Woot-woot, let's do this thing.
  9. Hi Azul! In the freezer I've got 4 frittattas portioned for weekday on the go breakfasts, 8 cooked chicken breasts ready for salads for lunch, beef stew and chili prepped to pinch hit for days I don't have time to make dinner. Menu set for the week. Shopping is done. Tomorrow I will prep my "salad bar" in my fridge that makes packing lunches and side salads easier. I have emergency nuts in my planning rooms in all three schools where I teach. As soon as I have my donut for Fat Tuesday tomorrow (a yearly tradition) I think I'm ready to do this thing. This is my first W30, but I think I
  10. Committing to starting my first Whole30 on Ash Wednesday. Looking for others starting the same day. I put out the info to an online women's fitness and accountability group I'm in and talked to a few people at work but haven't found anyone to join me yet. Might be flying solo.