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  1. Hello everyone! I know that the Whole30 isn't a weight loss program, however I am slightly overweight and have problems with insulin resistance, so I have to lose some. I have completed two rounds, felt amazing, and I don't want to go back to the insane dieting mentality. Do you have any tips how to get fitter during Whole30 and Food Freedom? Thank you so much, love you all!!
  2. Sofija Dunjic

    Homemade Mayo without olive oil?

    I guess that egg white makes it fluffier, so I prefer using whole egg. It's always really fluffy and rich, but I only use lemon juice and seasoning.
  3. Sofija Dunjic

    Sofija's February log - 1st Whole30

    Starting day 20! Omg, can't believe we're here! 10 days left. Apart from some serious pms cravings, I didn't have any issues so far. Also, have noticed some major NSV! I have knee problems for as long as I can remember, and not one doctor could determine what was the problem. It hurts occasionally, sometime more sometimes less, but I always feel it. I could never run, but one morning while I was running for my bus, I noticed that there was no pain, no nothing. It felt normal! I was amazed. Hope it stays that way. Before the Whole30, I had some issues with my stomach, it was either hurting or I was feeling sick when it came to certain food (I used to think it was fat and meat haha, but apparently no). Also gone now! This is just pure amazingness! I can eat without heartburn or feeling nauseous after eating almost anything. And this is some seriously delicious food! Also, a great bonus, I could get into a skirt that I bought last year (when I was few kilos lighter) and could not wear it since! This program is really life changing. I cannot wait for reintroduction to see which food bothered me the most For me, if these are the most important benefits and I could be happy just with those.
  4. Sofija Dunjic

    Sofija's February log - 1st Whole30

    Day 14 Finally feeling much better and sooo full of energy! We had some nice fritatta for breakfast and salmon for lunch. For dinner we had a little bit late Valentine's day special dinner with shrimps and it was awesome! I am happy that we've come almost half way there and we feel amazing. Hope we accomplish some important NSVs till the end. Being from Serbia, doing the perfect Whole30 can be pretty challenging. On one hand, we have access to great unprocessed and locally grown meat on our farmer's market (be it regular beef, pork etc or sausages and bacon) which is usually cheaper than in supermarkets, and a whole lot better. Also, vegetables, fruit and fresh fish are much higher quality there because our farmers are usually cultivating on their own farms. However, we are severely lacking in other whole30 approved stuff, like condiments and huge amount of different vegetables etc. So usually I have to make everything from scratch or skip some recipes entirely (cause we don't have coconut aminos or ANY compliant mustard..or pickles ). Sometimes it's not a big deal, but other times it can be really hard. Although, we are still doing pretty good on this journey.
  5. Sofija Dunjic

    Sofija's February log - 1st Whole30

    Ok, so..Days 12&13..Flu was really bad, could not get out of bed at all.. Luckily, hubby did all the cooking, so we stayed fully compliant.. I just could not eat dinner at all. However, the fact that we could stay compliant and not even mess that much around the kitchen while sick made me feel so proud! We are both insulin resistant and pretty much addicted to sugar and snacking, so this program has been really important. I do miss some regular foods (like cheese and yogurt and some Serbian traditional breakfasts which are made with corn flour), but I will deal with that in the reintro. Thank you all so much for the feedback and encouragement, it really means a lot!
  6. Ok, so I have started my first Whole 30 with my future husband ten days ago (February 3rd). I haven't logged any previous days, because I have just realised you can do that on this forum Anyway, I am actually surprised how good this is going so far. We haven't had any serious cravings (although, my PMS is killing me right now and I dream of pizza), only suffered through some digestive issues and minor headaches. We feel so good and full of energy, however not completely tiger blood yet. Considering what I read in the books, I am worried if we are doing something wrong, 'cause we didn't have almost any negative side-effects. The food is sooo delicious! And I am almost never hungry, which is really odd for me. Currently, we are both sick with flu, so it's been really hard to keep everything compliant, but we are managing it so far. So, this was a short recap of all ten days so far, hopefully I will remember to log the remaining days.
  7. Sofija Dunjic

    Homemade Mayo without olive oil?

    Thank you so much!
  8. Hey all! I am from Serbia and here we don't have light olive oil. What else could I use to make Basic Mayo recipe, because I really don't like the taste of olive oil in it (I have tried and it just tastes bad ). Thank you for the help!!