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  1. Hello everyone! I know that the Whole30 isn't a weight loss program, however I am slightly overweight and have problems with insulin resistance, so I have to lose some. I have completed two rounds, felt amazing, and I don't want to go back to the insane dieting mentality. Do you have any tips how to get fitter during Whole30 and Food Freedom? Thank you so much, love you all!!
  2. I guess that egg white makes it fluffier, so I prefer using whole egg. It's always really fluffy and rich, but I only use lemon juice and seasoning.
  3. Hey all! I am from Serbia and here we don't have light olive oil. What else could I use to make Basic Mayo recipe, because I really don't like the taste of olive oil in it (I have tried and it just tastes bad ). Thank you for the help!!