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    Barney77 reacted to Jihanna in Finished an Entire Whole30 with Next to No Results.. What Gives?!   
    A few things are standing out as I read the post about meals...
    1 - a serving of eggs is what we can hold in our hand. Your meal 1 protein of 2 eggs is a little on the light side, unless your hands are even smaller than mine (I can easily hold 3 eggs, 4 if I stretch).
    2 - coffee can act as an appetite suppressant. If you're drinking it before or with your breakfast, it could actually be causing you to eat less than would be ideal. It sometimes becomes obvious because hunger comes too quickly (and strongly), well before next mealtime, but it might be that you're getting enough fat with meal 1 to compensate.
    3 - the meals you describe would probably have me bloated if I ate that way every day, also. Cruciferous veggies tear me up if I eat too many of them too closely together, so having meal after meal with things like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc. would fill me with gas and make me feel like a blimp. It's possible that you might experience similar sensitivities that could be looked at (I have a friend who can't eat onions and peppers without bloating for days, as an example).
    4 - nuts and/or nut butter daily would be my undoing. Nuts wreck my hormones, throwing me totally out of balance - if I eat them on more than just a once-per-week basis (and not many then), they'll throw my cycle out of whack and noticeably affect my moods, too.
    5 - the template suggests an "occasional" serving of fruit, which is basically the size of your closed fist. A banana every morning seems more than just occasional for me, but my perspective might be off on that because I only eat fruit once or twice each week (and I skip it entirely for the first week or two of any Whole30-type reset, to help make sure my sugar dragon gets/stays under control).

    Moving on -- I have no idea why you wouldn't experience Tiger Blood, unless you did and didn't realize that's how your body does it. Mine definitely doesn't look like what others posted, but I'm also nowhere near as active or "fit" as many people who gave reviews... it's one of the reasons why I didn't bother to look at the timeline at all for my 2nd time through; I wanted a more organic experience, without tainting it by "what to expect", as it were.
    The only other observation I've got is that you noted that you intend to live the Whole30 lifestyle going forward. I highly encourage you to go ahead and do the reintroduction phase, even if you have no intention of eating those foods (and even if you'd left them out while doing paleo previously). The reason I suggest this is that I've read where people find that certain foods left out of these types of programs actually help them feel better, lose bloat, and move into better health overall once they're brought back into their diets. I mean, dairy certainly doesn't work for me personally, but I know people who function best with it in their diet. I also know people who have better gut health with the inclusion of non-gluten grains, even though I have to limit my own intake.
    My point here is just that knowledge is power, and the ultimate victory moving forward from Whole30 is to be able to create the "WholeMe" -- a manageable and sustainable dietary plan that works for your specific body, with room for deviation when you're ready to make a "worth it" decision that falls outside your normal standards.