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    MeredithM20 got a reaction from Ktinegv in Start February 10th   
    Day one off to a good start.  I had a cup of black coffee, two eggs with mushrooms, onions, spinach and tomato.  I prepared Pork Carnitas and they're now in the crockpot.
    I'm very excited!
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    MeredithM20 reacted to Ktinegv in Start February 10th   
    I’m starting today to.  It’s been about 2 years since I did this the first time.  I’m close to the weight I got to back then, but am bloated from wheat and cheese.  Time to get things back in line.  Good luck.  I’m gonna follow you. 
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    MeredithM20 got a reaction from Ktinegv in Start February 10th   
    Hello!  I'm new to Whole30.  I will begin tomorrow and am busy prepping today.
    I cleaned out the kitchen and made my meal plan for the week.  I'm off to the grocery this afternoon.
    I'm very excited.  But looking for a Support Group.  My friends and family are tired of watching me try and not succeed.
    But I'll use this forum for accountability.  I'm keeping a promise to MYSELF for the next 30 days!
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    MeredithM20 reacted to Ktinegv in Starting 2/10/2020   
    Its been over a year since I first did Whole30, but I am ready to do it again, and make it more of a lifestyle.  Life got in the way and carried me off, so I'm a bit bloaty.  I start tomorrow, Monday the 10th of Feb.  I have my food planned out, and I'm ready to go.  I saw others asking for accountability partners, and I'm not sure how you do that here.  It takes me time to figure out how these forums work.  I happened to see something about W30 no longer liking the use of RX bars, but they have been my preworkout since I started Whole 30 in 2018.  Sugar isn't so much my problem as Cheese is.  LOVE my cheese. Anyhoo. I'm not sure if I said anything wrong here or not.  I am a live and learn kind of gal.  I can read and read and read, and still not quite get it until I experience something. 
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    MeredithM20 reacted to Jihanna in Driving from Florida to Michigan need Whole30 restaurant options   
    Breakfast places worked really, really well for me when I was traveling. It wasn't typically any issue for them to toss a piece of foil down on the grill to keep my eggs and/or meat separate from anyone else's food, and they were all willing to use olive oil (or canola, for those places that didn't have it). Fresh vegetables gave me a huge variety of options for mixing it up with omelets, which were quite yummy even without cheese. Fresh fruit was sometimes available, also.
    For meals later in the day, shoot for steak, grilled chicken, or grilled fish -- all of these can be cooked on foil (like the eggs) and most places are willing to work with anyone who has food allergies... I would tell them I wasn't allergic but was on an elimination diet to help determine sensitivities, never had a problem.
    If you can find a place that does Mongolian barbecue or something similar, where you pick your food to put in a bowl and they cook that food specifically for you, that works very well also since you can customize your meal quite easily that way.
    The one thing I will say is to avoid fast food places unless you're just getting salads or fresh fruit cups. Many do offer a grilled option for things like chicken, but it's not worth risking that they've marinated it in something not compliant (and even the burgers weren't something I wanted to risk on my own rounds).