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  1. Happy Day 30 everyone! My break from logging was just from a sense of overwhelm with life, but this experiment has continued and gone pretty well. I'm working my way through Food Freedom Forever and thinking I will continue to benefit from following some of the program rules. I'm not sure I'm ready to be without guidelines. But, I'm looking forward to a slightly less meat-heavy diet, and more flexibility, so we'll see how that works out.
  2. Day 22 B: Eggs, avocado. L: Butternut squash, boiled eggs, RX bar D: burger on lettuce
  3. Thank you. I have Food Freedom Forever but haven't read it yet...hoping to start it today! I am most looking forward to more flexibility, but I feel like that's the hard part since a lot of flexibility comes from not having to think too hard about what's in food when I'm away from home. I'm anxious about sugar, since that's always been my weakness...though strangely, I don't miss it that much at this point. I think there's a lot of habit/comfort that is tied up in that, and I'm worried about slipping back to my old ways. But i really think that's just a case for waiting longer to reintr
  4. Before I forget, Day 21: B: Eggs, sausage, spinach. L: Sweet potato and chicken apple sausage D: Grilled chicken, vegetables and roasted potatoes.
  5. Day 20. Today was a good day. I got some extra rest, and it is feeling good to eat healthy food. I'm starting to think ahead to how to reintroduce foods in another 10 days, which feels a little daunting at this point. I think it will help to do some planning on this and be very strategic. B: Eggs with sausage, mushrooms and spinach. L: Salad with tomato, avocado, shredded chicken and balsamic vinaigrette. D: Salmon and butternut squash soup with pecans; apple.
  6. Day 19. Not feeling great but am feeling the benefits of eating well. I thought we'd put in our time for cold season this year, but our streak continues...I think someone in the house has been less than 100% every week of 2020. It has to end soon, right? Anyway, I think the Whole30 is going well. I wish I had more energy to be more creative with my meals, but I am thankful to be home with a variety of foods to choose from at least. B: Eggs with spinach and avocado L: Sweet potato and chicken apple sausage D: Steak salad with salsa, avocado, cilantro
  7. Day 18. I'm getting a cold and sore throat and would love to have some honey in my tea, but otherwise falling back into an easier routine finally. I think I need bigger lunches to avoid wanting to graze, so I'll keep that in mind tomorrow. B: Sausage and eggs; orange. L: Sweet potato and shredded chicken; avocado. D: Chicken and cauliflower meatballs; green beans and extra cauliflower; W30 tomato sauce.
  8. Logging Backlog... Day 16: B: chicken apple sausage, celery with almond butter L: eggs and avocado D: ground beef, peppers and onion for lettuce tacos (Some snacking: dried fruit, nuts) Day 17: B: eggs with salsa and avocado L: random...turkey, spinach, cucumber, banana, pecans D: spinach salad with chicken, avocado, tomato, carrot I am starting to feel good and healthy again...I think the slip up didn't have too much of an impact, and I do plan to extend a couple days and do a strategic reintroduction in another couple weeks. I am having a little bit of the feeli
  9. Day 15 - I'm back, and have to acknowledge that I slipped up a bit at the end of our trip with eating out. I thought I ordered a reasonably safe meal, but it wasn't, and then I was discouraged and had a couple other indulgent bites. I know the rules say start over at this point, but the idea of doing that would cause me to completely give up, and I don't want to do that. I'm going to continue now with the recognition that maybe I don't get the full benefits of 30 totally clean days. One thing I'm learning is that I feel a lot better eating this way but I do need the structure of the program to
  10. It's Day 12, and I'm still here. Didn't get a chance to check in last night, but I'll try to remember Day 11 as well. Day 11: B: Sweet potato and poached eggs (a new cooking effort, as I realized I forgot to pick up compliant oil and I need a break from boiled eggs); apple with almond butter. L: Same sad beef on lettuce. I took dressing with me to get a real salad, but we ended up eating halfway up the mountain away from my bag. D: Compliant chicken sausage with riced cauliflower "risotto" and baked potato with ghee; almonds. Day 12: B: Poached eggs on leftover potato (Lara
  11. I made it through Day 10. Hooray! I'm feeling a little bored, and my lunch was kind of pathetic but I didn't touch my emergency larabar, so that's something. B: Hard-boiled eggs, banana, a spoonful of almond butter. L: Ugh. What I could do at the lodge...uninspiring but compliant beef patty on lettuce, then some more salad greens (with apple cider vinegar only because there was no oil at the salad bar?); a couple of almonds. Tomorrow, I'll bring my own dressing at least. D: Pleasantly surprised by the Chipotle Whole30 Bowl. So yes, I'm getting a little bored with the choic
  12. Day 9: We finished packing and hit the road. So far, so good: B: Eggs with spinach and avocado L: Fridge-clearing salad: spinach, riced cauliflower, halibut, tomatoes and lemon juice D: W30 chili and sweet potato Somewhere in there I had some fruit and cashews when it was clear dinner would be late...but on the whole, it was a good day. My mood wasn't the best, but I think that's mostly just getting a function of getting a family out the door on a road trip. I've got a plan for tomorrow, so I think I'll be able to stick with this experiment through the trip.
  13. I feel asleep early last night so posting for yesterday (Day 8) here: B: Eggs with spinach, salsa and avocado L: Salad greens with plain fresh crab meat, tomato, radish; lemon juice as dressing (best I could do eating out) D: Leftover sweet potato soup and chicken apple sausage.
  14. Wrapping up a full week now. I struggled a little this evening with wanting to find something sweet after dinner, but I think that's part of recognizing how many bad choices have become habit/default behaviors. I was also kind of weepy and extra hungry today, and wanting sweet stuff is typical for me every few weeks...so I suspect this is all connected. The good news is I stayed on track today, and hopefully this phase will pass quickly. B: Fried eggs over grilled onion, red peppers and potatoes. I was very hungry when I woke up and needed something different for breakfast today. This wa
  15. Day 6 was successful. I battled the sugar dragon a little in the afternoon, and I'm surprised that hasn't happened more. I fought through it with some compliant snacks and reminding myself that I actually feel so much better when I'm not putting that stuff in my body. B: Eggs, salsa, avocado (again...the fresh salsa just makes this so good) L: Leftover cauliflower mash and a turkey burger patty D: Halibut with citrus ginger glaze and sweet potato soup I had good energy (especially after sleeping in this morning) and my mood was good other than the cravings in the afternoon.