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  1. CTDoesWhole30

    Sick W/ Virus on Day 30...

    Jihanna thank you for your amazing thoughts!! I think these are great ideas.
  2. CTDoesWhole30

    Sick W/ Virus on Day 30...

    Hi there! I absolutely loved the whole30 plan. My day 30 was this past Tuesday and unfortunately when the clock struck midnight I came down with an awful stomach virus. I pretty much tried to stay true to the whole30 while recovering - unsweetened apple sauce, bananas, almond butter - but I also had some rice cakes, pedialyte and corn tortillas just to give my system something to get nutrients back in. No awful affects from these and I’m feeling much better now 5 day later. I just don’t know what do to for incorporating food groups back in? Or should I go back on whole 30? For how long...? Lots of questions I know. Hoping to find some answers. Thank you