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  1. PattiS

    Start February 10th

    So this past weekend wasn't good. I need to restart today. Oh well. Back to Day 1! I'm not totally upset that I have to restart. I needed to have Valentine's weekend with my husband and family and not stressing over eating worked. I may actually give myself one more day and restart tomorrow. Question: besides eggs, what types of things can I eat for breakfast on the run? I know Larabars and Rx bars aren't ideal, but honestly it's really hard for me to make eggs every morning. Do you think it's okay to throw in those bars as options with a piece of fruit? Sometimes my "rule following" issues get in the way of success I swear!
  2. PattiS

    Start February 10th

    They weren’t kidding about “Kill All the Things!!!!” I was in a BAD mood today. I did not want to deal with anyone (and when you are an elementary teacher you don’t really get to “have a bad day”). It was a challenge. I also felt ‘empty’ today. Not sure what other word to use to describe the feeling. I am thinking that this may be my battling feeling that I don’t allow myself to feel but rather buffer with food/alcohol. I definitely felt it today. I tried to notice it and sit with it for awhile. But I also got distracted today and ate some dried mango that I maybe didn’t need to have but because I felt so rushed and unable to find anything suitable to eat before rushing out to another event after a full day of work, I figured it was better than nothing. Came home and ate leftovers and am now ready to turn it in for the night. For the first time since starting whole 30 on Sunday, I had doubts enter my mind today. Thinking I couldn’t do this, I’ll never make it. I really don’t want to give up on myself so I am not throwing in the towel yet. I am going to finish what I started. Hang in there everyone!
  3. PattiS

    Start February 10th

    Would love to join this thread for support! Second time doing Whole30...first time wasn’t super successful bc I didn’t follow it 100% So now I’m trying again and committing to do better. Started Sunday, and am doing this to see if it will help with my anxiety. Getting off sugar, flour and alcohol I feel will help.