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  1. I don’t know if anyone can help me - I’m seriously starting to feel depressed with results after my whole30. I followed the program to a T and was VERY diligent to fully eliminate all foods. I’ve never had any noticeable issues processing foods (other than dairy and I already suspected lactose intolerance prior to this program), so I didn’t expect to gain much insight on that end. However, I did frequently have brain fog and always tired/low energy, bouts of anxiety and depression, and just general feeling a bit icky. my whole30 brought mental clarity that was amazing. I had more energy and didn’t NEED my coffee to function in the morning. I had more drive and motivation for day to day tasks, etc. fast forward to my reintroduction (2 weeks into this now)....I started with peanuts, and it seemed to be fine. Next I did sweetened almond milk creamer for my coffee (Califia farms) and I got a nasty headache that hung around all day and I never get headaches. once the headache was resolved I tried Gluten free oats and brown rice, and my stomach was miserable with bloating and diarrhea. I back pedaled and stopped with the grains again, but next I did soy in the form of soy sauce. Again my gut was absolutely wrecked. I feel like anytime I try anything not ok with the whole30 diet - I get massive headaches and sever gastric upset. I’m so discouraged. also.....DURING my whole30, I didn’t feel sick, but I did have frequent stools and a lot of the time they were loose. I don’t know if that’s normal? I remember think “huh I seem to have diarrhea a decent amount with whole30” a but I never felt miserable with it, so it is very different now with Reintroduction and the miserable feelings I get I’m trying to stay hopeful that maybe I won’t have to forever eliminate my favorite foods. Whole30 was doable for a month, but forever that way is too much and I’m kind of wishing I never even tried this.