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  1. We started on February 5, and my oldest child and I are doing great but the younger two (mainly the 7yo) thinks the world is ending... the thing is she gets way more fruit than anyone else because she exerts more energy than the rest of us combined... I am using this to teach them to make better choices in their foods and snack habits. But the little, all she thinks of is will I ever get chocolate or ice cream “EVER” again... not to mention one of her friends told her “food will taste different” and you probably won’t like it anymore... my question is she is very picky, she doesn’t like most meats and well some vegetables she turns her nose too... besides the energy fruit is reall what she will eat... not nuts no problem for her she wont eat those or nut butter either... i think its a texture thing... does anyone have any suggestions? What can i get her to eat that is going against whole30...
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    My family and I stared 2 days after you... send good vibes your way. This is our first time and with my youngest child its been the roughest. Don’t give up you are a great friend for doing this. best of whole30, 1colorfulmama