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    Thanks for your reply! Yesterday was rough, but today is a new day (I am starting my Whole7 plus reintroduction, and may extend it). My therapist/dietician recommended a podcast to me called Food Psych, which has also mentioned that weight cycling is more dangerous than maintaining a heavier weight too. I definitely recommend Food Freedom Forever, and I think it's only $6 right now (I just got It Starts With Food for that price on Amazon Kindle) -- it obviously hasn't helped me as much as I've hoped yet, but it's really insightful and I even took screenshots of a few pages I wanted to refer back to when making food decisions (clearly did not happen yesterday). Best of luck (and hard work!) to us both! I like your username 
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    I finished my second round of Whole30 on Friday -- it really should have ended this Thursday after I reintroduced gluten but I took an impromptu road trip and it was too hard to say no to my cousin's homemade pasta, bread, cocktails, etc., especially since I did no preparation besides bring a few emergency bars. I learned a lot from the experience and held it together okay until I got back today, when I went on an eating spree at my parent's house (where I got dropped off) and on my way back to my apartment. I just finished reading Food Freedom Forever, have read the 30-Day Guide, and recently started It Starts With Food. I get the science, psychology, and everything behind it all and read everything carefully, but get so nervous consuming things that are non-compliant that I decided to starting at least a Whole7 and maybe extend it when I got back (starting tomorrow) so I think I just kind of went nuts in anticipation and now I feel horrible. A few takeaways:
    Impromptu trips are hard during a reset/reintro -- I need to better prepare and communicate, and be more comfortable saying no and accommodating what I can eat I can't "go crazy" once I stop my reset/reintroduction, but I also can't guilt trip myself every time I eat something "off-plan" afterwards either I can't just keep going back to a reset after a few days/little bit (there was less than month between my first and second Whol30) and "go crazy" because I know that I'm about to reset again I need to find a dietician/health care provider that is supportive of my healthy lifestyle goals (I feel like my current one is very anti-diet culture and wary of any type of elimination thing like this, and I'm only proving her right) I need to learn how to trust myself around food/drink so that I'm not feeling like I'll go off the rails without Whole30 I have to stop obsessing over my weight (I lost 22 pounds my first Whole 30 and gained about 8 eight pounds in a month before I started my second, when I lost another 12 pounds -- too scared to check now after just a few days); I've lost over 50 pounds on my weight loss journey since about 2018 and hate fluctuating so much I'm basically just annoyed that I've done all of this reading and talking about it, invested in more expensive healthy foods, get into a healthy eating/exercise routine, and then totally blow it up. It's kind of what I do to everything -- relationships, work, etc. -- but I'm just so mentally fatigued and it's hard to trouble-shoot sometimes 
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    So great to connect! Your forum strategy is a lot better than mine, which has been looking at foods I can't eat right now online/Instagram -- I'm hoping to kick this soon, I don't cave in it's just tempting!
    I read the info on smoothies from another post I made on the "Can I have..." thread; I may try to cut back, but I have only made a few a week with a banana, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, unsweetened coconut cream, and ice, so I feel like mine aren't as sugary as other smoothies with more/different kinds of fruit. Sometimes I forget these technical parts of the book and could utilize Google more, which I mostly use when I'm shopping to see what's recommended at the store I'm going to or if I can have certain ingredients (so many names to remember!). I also got the Food Freedom audio book (so not an audiobook person!) and may try it on my bike ride soon. Happy halfway 
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    This is my first Whole30 and one of my students bought me a box of chocolates, it was so sweet (literally!) and there was chocolate and candy everywhere that day/week. I wasn't super tempted but I even bought some Hershey kisses for my classes and I think the greatest temptation was buying/having it around myself vs. other people/places. My boyfriend is also super supportive and made dinner reservations at a restaurant he knew was accommodating but I ended up making a fancy meal for us instead. I am by no means an alcoholic and I probably don't drink more than 1-2 drinks a month when I am drinking but lately I've been craving a margarita, maybe from stress or just knowing I can't have one. Glad we both got through Valentine's Day compliant! 
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    I made the Spinach and Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes... they are amazing!! Pic attached (went out on my Day 30 with a bang with these and a New York strip -- I shared with my boyfriend -- for dinner!). Thank you again! 

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    mazzystarslight got a reaction from Jihanna in Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat   
    Thank you all, your replies are really helpful and mean a lot to me! I know that eating healthier, whole-foods is good for me and I honestly really enjoyed Whole30 up until recently when I posted. I probably need to re-evaluate the med thing since it's definitely mood related. I don't think food causes any physiological issues for me, but definitely psychological.
    I don't currently have a slow cooker or anything like that, but I may look into one. I actually took your advice and bought a bag of a gourmet frozen veggie mix from Costco (watercress, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, etc.) and frozen potato wedges I'm pretty sure are compliant ( from another grocery store, which I'm cooking up now. I went to Zoe's earlier today, which I found has it's own Whole30 menu ( and then unexpectedly back out for lunch again with family where I settled for some plain ahi tuna tacos without shells or sauce or anything (pic attached) -- they weren't super satisfying but I was still pretty full from my chicken kabob Greek salad from Zoe's.
    Like I said, my reintroduction is going to take about two weeks and I think I'd be frustrated if I stretched this out any longer -- I want to say that I saw it through and hopefully do it again. Thanks for all of the recipes and food tips, I will definitely be trying some of them this week! I actually like cooking but sometimes get tired/overwhelmed and want to not always think about what I am going to eat, so convenience is sometimes nice. I definitely have not been eating enough. Thank you all so much again!