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  1. MadamePinAZ

    March 1 Start Date!

    I had a headache today, too! But I get those fairly often, so it didn't dawn on me that it's because of no sugar or whatever. So far, so good...
  2. MadamePinAZ

    March 1 Start Date!

    Hi. My name is Michele, and I'm starting March 1 also! I'm 53 and eat generally healthily, but never pass up sweets. I don't really need to worry about my weight (though I've gained a few pounds since I went from teaching 12 minutes from home to a desk job w/a 40 minute commute). However, I'm far too young to feel as tired and achy and bloated as I have been. I'm sick of feeling yucky, so I really look forward to trying the Whole30 plan to see if I can get beyond the inflammation and find out what's causing it. I'm nervous! I don't know how I'm going to fit all the meal prep into my busy life, but I will do my best. Thankful for all the resources here! All the best to you all!