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    Day 30. 2nd time doing Whole30. Did not do reintroduction phase the 1st time. Will do it this time as one remains Whole30 compliant during each intro so I plan to phase in weekly. That way I can monitor a full 7 days each reintroduced food.
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    Hey everyone! I’m happy I can join a community for the February 1st date. Similar to @meghanE I did my last whole30 about a year and a half ago, but I ended up skipping the reintroduction phase which was a big mistake. I’m excited to do the Whole30 the right way this time and my boyfriend is on board to be my support system through it! I’m so excited and wish everyone a happy whole30! 
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    I m starting Feb 1 too! It’s not my first time, but it’s been almost 2 years since my last whole30. I have never properly completed the reintroduction phase because my focus was always weight loss and cutting down on sugar. I have been noticing lately that I'm not feeling my best and hoping to figure out how different food groups affect my mind and body. A few lb weightloss will be a pleasant side effect, but my main goal is food freedom!!!
    I completely gave up alcohol almost a year ago, so I am hoping that this whole30 will be a little easier! 
    I haven’t meal prepped yet, but I have a list ready and some compliant breakfast foods in the house.
    Good luck everyone ☺️
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    Congratulations on setting a date! I found the whole 30 log forum as well as the Whole30recipes on Instagram and the recipes in the whole 3 books a huge help and inspiration.  I made a list on my phone with links or page reference to recipes that inspired me so when it was time to grocery shop I had a quick reference on some new and delicious recipes.  This kept things a little more interesting than baked chicken and roasted veggies every night.  
    Also if you can take some time before your start to make a couple condiments to aid you in your cooking you will be glad you did.  Rather than trying to make them in that first week when you are feeling blah and over it.  
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    Hi @Bamanursk! Good job keeping going even when cravings hit! When you have wanted to eat non-compliant foods, is there a pattern you can discover? For example, is it a certain time of day or could it be contributed to not eating enough at a meal? Are you feeling satisfied with meals and/or having enough variety in the foods you have been eating? Could you add a new food or recipe to change things up a bit?
    Keep up the good work!