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    Best of luck to everyone on your March Whole 30. 
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    Hi My name is Deb. I’ve done whole 30 before and loved it. I found out I was sensitive to gluten. Anyhow I got off track and fell back into the sugar and eating when I’m tired late at night thing and I feel terrible. I’m restarting today too. 
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    Hi!! My name is Courtney! I started today! This is my first whole 30! Definitely feeling more “what did I do” vs what’s the big deal today! 
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    Hi Everyone,
    Hubby and I are starting our second whole30 tomorrow (March 2nd).  We did one in the beginning of 2014.  We loved the results and have changed a lot of our habits since then.  However, some joint issues still linger, so we are going to try another one to see if it helps.
    The first whole 30 we did was 'hard' for me because I was a  big sugar addict.  It took almost two weeks in the whole 30 until I started feeling better.  I had a dull headache, felt lousy and had tons of cravings.  By the end of the month, giving up that sugar made such a big difference in my energy level etc, that I've mostly stayed away from my bad habits since then (ie. no m&ms for lunch, no oreos as an afternoon 'pick me up' etc.)  I was apprehensive about the program the first time.  But this time I'm looking forward to it due to the results I got the first time.
    It really helps that both of us are doing it and we like to cook.  It helps having someone nearby to keep you honest and share the cooking tasks.  We worked on our weekly menu this morning.  And I started a batch of the silky ginger soup from the Well Fed 2 cookbook.
    Anyways, I just wanted to say Hi and am looking forward to catching up with other forum topics.
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    Hi. My name is Michele, and I'm starting March 1 also! I'm 53 and eat generally healthily, but never pass up sweets. I don't really need to worry about my weight (though I've gained a few pounds since I went from teaching 12 minutes from home to a desk job w/a 40 minute commute). However, I'm far too young to feel as tired and achy and bloated as I have been. I'm sick of feeling yucky, so I really look forward to trying the Whole30 plan to see if I can get beyond the inflammation and find out what's causing it. I'm nervous! I don't know how I'm going to fit all the meal prep into my busy life, but I will do my best. Thankful for all the resources here! All the best to you all!
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    Hi you guys! I start sunday as well! 1st timer.. have been prepping for a while and I am both exited and scared.. Will do most shopping tonight so need to make a list!
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    Hi Julie. I'm Brie and 37 and haven't done Whole 30 before, but my husband and I are going to start on March 1st also. I've done the Candida diet before almost 10 years ago. It was torture for the month, but I got used to it after a couple weeks. I had the same reaction that you did after re-introducing things back in to my diet. Life changed and I never stuck to it again, or tried it again. I feel more equipped to tackle this lifestyle because I've done what I did in the past. My struggle is going to be my husband! It was his idea to begin working on our diets and eating habits, but he likes to be the devil on my shoulder which is why I am joining a group to be more accountable and get some extra will power here. Anyway, we're celebrating our 5 year anniversary early so we can have the March 1 start date. We've been prepping this week and trying to meal plan and do some research and scout out things in our grocery stores. 
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    Hey everyone!  My name is Julie, I'm 41, and I had such great results on my first Whole30 in January, that I want to do it again in March!  I am taking February to slowly reintroduce foods to see how I react to them.  I was so excited to see the affect these foods had on my system, but the results have been anticlimactic.  I just don't feel very good, clean, or healthy when I eat dairy, gluten, sugar, or alcohol.  Not sure about legumes, peanuts, or other grains yet.  I hated the rules at first, and don't consider my self to be a big "rules girl."  But I came to love and cherish them and I want to go back to Whole30 land!  Dairy makes me break out and cheese is not the magical food I remember - it's just... fine.  Sugar gives me an insane rush followed by a low hard crash.  Alcohol is not as fun as it used to be, and I don't want to waste the whole next day feeling bad/unproductive.  Not one food or drink tasted as good as I remembered or expected it to taste!  I'm slowly transitioning to a place in my life where I want to, need to, and am using food to fuel my body, not feed the sugar dragon or any of my other demons.  Also, I look and feel better than I have in six years, since before I had my last baby.  I want to keep this light, healthy, free, autonomous feeling going!  Hope some of you can join me in March and help me stay accountable!!! XOXO