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  1. I hope someone has some answers for you here, I feel for you! Good Luck, I hope your body starts to accept your new diet soon!
  2. I would think that continuing wine on other non compliant days is perfect! You'll continue to find out if there is any issues, combining it with other foods you reintroduce.
  3. I know this sounds silly, but I have a hard time just switching channels in my life. Do I really want to race home from work, CHANGE from my office clothes into workout clothes then leave again? Or do I really want to change from my office clothes to workout clothes in a cold stall at the gym? Like I said, small road bumps, but it's what keeps me from being consistent. My solution? Just pushing through and doing it. When I can make myself.
  4. Thank you so much! I'm going to try your recipe. My recipe called for only the egg yolk, anyone have an idea what the difference might be? Funny, I don't have a short wide mouth canning jar, looking around my kitchen, I had a flower vase the perfect size! It wasn't a delicate vase, so I made my mayo in a pretty etched glass container.
  5. I just made mayo for the first time! I think it's a bit too tart, does anyone have a recipe that they know is mellower? More like mayo that I'm used to from the store, less like Miracle Whip? My recipe had dijon, vinegar, and lemon juice. Thank you!