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  1. Irock


    Awesome!! Congrats!! What are you reintroducing first?
  2. I hope someone has some answers for you here, I feel for you! Good Luck, I hope your body starts to accept your new diet soon!
  3. I would think that continuing wine on other non compliant days is perfect! You'll continue to find out if there is any issues, combining it with other foods you reintroduce.
  4. @Tclajones, I'm curious as to how you're doing!! I hope you've been able to reintroduce SOMETHING and keep it in your diet without issue!
  5. I know this sounds silly, but I have a hard time just switching channels in my life. Do I really want to race home from work, CHANGE from my office clothes into workout clothes then leave again? Or do I really want to change from my office clothes to workout clothes in a cold stall at the gym? Like I said, small road bumps, but it's what keeps me from being consistent. My solution? Just pushing through and doing it. When I can make myself.
  6. @Jihanna, I love your ideas! I'm one of those who justifies her binges by thinking, hey, at least it's on approved foods! Not the best way to deal, and I'm glad to have a few guidelines.
  7. Hi! The one way I've overcome wanting things I shouldn't have is to splurge a little. I know, spending more money isn't the best answer, but I'm glad I've lost the weight I have, and I really think the money would've been spent anyhow, just differently, and for things that DID NOT help me lose weight! Already shelled pistachios, easy peasy to dump on a napkin on my desk to snack on. Tomatoes on the vine, so much more tastier (is that correct grammar?) than others. I stopped caring how much that little package of raspberries is, because if I didn't have them, I might not be
  8. Hi! How's it going so far? I was worried about the alcohol too, but I've been doing it. (surprising myself!) I've splurged on flavored water, and grab that when I just want to sit with something in my hand that isn't "plain". I was just as worried about cheese, since it was my lifeline while I was Keto. But getting to put sweet potatoes (and white!) back into my diet is so exciting! As long as I still have ghee, I'm good. And bacon. Stay healthy!
  9. Coconut and Himalayan salt. Ok for Whole30, right? Has anyone tried these? Are they worth the price? And have you found them anywhere other than their site? Amazon doesn't have the plain ones and other whole food stores don't seem to carry them. I'm thinking I can finally eat salsa the traditional way again if I toast these a little, is that SWYPO?
  10. Thank you so much! I'm going to try your recipe. My recipe called for only the egg yolk, anyone have an idea what the difference might be? Funny, I don't have a short wide mouth canning jar, looking around my kitchen, I had a flower vase the perfect size! It wasn't a delicate vase, so I made my mayo in a pretty etched glass container.
  11. I just made mayo for the first time! I think it's a bit too tart, does anyone have a recipe that they know is mellower? More like mayo that I'm used to from the store, less like Miracle Whip? My recipe had dijon, vinegar, and lemon juice. Thank you!
  12. Have you seen Chipotle's web site?! Under Allergens and Special Diets, click on Special Diets and there is a Whole30 column! Sorry if this isn't new news, but it was such a wonderful thing to see for me. I would not have known if sugar was a part of any seasoning/marinade and probably not joined in the Chipotle dinner with friends. Instead, I just went down the list and ordered the approved ingredients!
  13. Hello! I found Whole30 through nomnompaleo and it's been a great next step for me! I've been keto for 3yrs now, and I stopped seeing results, even going backwards. Whole30 seems to have kick started my body again into losing weight, I love it! I'm going to start reintroduction this weekend, of all things, alcohol! haha!! Between a wedding shower and a rock and roll concert Saturday, I'll find it easier to say no to cake and goodies than mimosas and drinks that night! I do plan on adding actual sustenance back eventually, but my diet was already pretty restricted with keto,