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    Irock got a reaction from Revelate in Chipotle problem!!   
    Have you seen Chipotle's web site?!    Under Allergens and Special Diets, click on Special Diets and there is a Whole30 column!  Sorry if this isn't new news, but it was such a wonderful thing to see for me.   I would not have known if sugar was a part of any seasoning/marinade and probably not joined in the Chipotle dinner with friends.  Instead, I just went down the list and ordered the approved ingredients!  
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    Irock reacted to lizziehall in Pandemic Induced First Whole 30   
    @Irock I bet you’ll find switching from Keto to Whole30 isn’t super tough! My boyfriend is Keto and most of my Food Freedom meals have been the same as his, with modifications for dairy mostly. I think getting enough healthy fats on Whole30 is a huge factor in staying full and avoiding the mindless snacking so don’t ditch all your Keto habits  
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    Irock reacted to Greg65 in Mid-way through. Massive uptick in flow and energy.   
    My thinking has been so much more clear. I'm sleeping less, and have more energy. Yesterday, I did a rigorous bike ride up steep hills (my bike is electric but still, my heart was pumping hard a lot of the time). Then, a hike. Back home after 4 hours. All this on maybe 6 hours of sleep. No nap. Later, I was writing an article for Medium. The ideas were flowing and I was shocked when I realized it was way, way past midnight. This morning, work up at 6:15 and basta! All she wrote. Still up. Might nap later. Today it's almost one and I've eaten, meditated, gotten the article submitted, cleaned the bathroom and did dishes, and written a bunch of emails.  That's an uptick.  Another thing--I wrote an article on Medium that blew up. Massive number of views. I can't attribute that totally to the way of eating, but it's part of the picture. That dog-ass, poor me, slump shouldered, take a nap every day thing is sloping off. Oh, I'm 65.
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    Irock reacted to elizrs162 in Day 19: Hello!   
    Hi All! I have had "do Whole30" on my resolutions list for two years now and I am so excited I am finally doing it. Navigating eating out, explaining to friends, and avoiding bad habits has been a very interesting experience. I am on Day 19 and have been reading the Food Freedom Forever book in tandem (thus just now finding out about this forum). I am personally struggling with substituting fruits and nuts to fill salty and sweet cravings. I realize I could be "too far gone" this far in, but does anyone have any tips or tricks for dealing with this? I am wondering if maybe I am not eating enough at mealtime? Shoutout to everyone on this journey and thanks in advance for comments, kind words, and constructive criticism!
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    Irock got a reaction from Jihanna in Homemade Mayo without olive oil?   
    Thank you so much!  I'm going to try your recipe.
    My recipe called for only the egg yolk, anyone have an idea what the difference might be?  
    Funny, I don't have a short wide mouth canning jar, looking around my kitchen, I had a flower vase the perfect size!  It wasn't a delicate vase, so I made my mayo in a pretty etched glass container. 
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    Irock reacted to Coloradoyogamama in March 1 Start Date!   
    Hey everyone!  My name is Julie, I'm 41, and I had such great results on my first Whole30 in January, that I want to do it again in March!  I am taking February to slowly reintroduce foods to see how I react to them.  I was so excited to see the affect these foods had on my system, but the results have been anticlimactic.  I just don't feel very good, clean, or healthy when I eat dairy, gluten, sugar, or alcohol.  Not sure about legumes, peanuts, or other grains yet.  I hated the rules at first, and don't consider my self to be a big "rules girl."  But I came to love and cherish them and I want to go back to Whole30 land!  Dairy makes me break out and cheese is not the magical food I remember - it's just... fine.  Sugar gives me an insane rush followed by a low hard crash.  Alcohol is not as fun as it used to be, and I don't want to waste the whole next day feeling bad/unproductive.  Not one food or drink tasted as good as I remembered or expected it to taste!  I'm slowly transitioning to a place in my life where I want to, need to, and am using food to fuel my body, not feed the sugar dragon or any of my other demons.  Also, I look and feel better than I have in six years, since before I had my last baby.  I want to keep this light, healthy, free, autonomous feeling going!  Hope some of you can join me in March and help me stay accountable!!! XOXO