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  1. JulieKenny

    Is unsweetened apple cider compliant

    Thought so. Thank you.
  2. I used the search and came up empty. Is unsweetened apple cider compliant? Is it considered a fruit juice and only to be used in cooking? Or is it considered a compliant fruit?
  3. She actually closed off the thread to comments after I questioned her and told her the conflicting information is far from helpful. It's confusing the issue. Thank you. I should know better than to trust someone who feels they're an expert. I needed this clarified. I was so distressed thinking my results and reactions would be skewed. Hearing this conflicting information had me feeling I wasted so much time and messed up the most important part, reintroduction. Thanks. So glad I came here to ask.
  4. I have been following Melissa's recommendations for reintroduction and returning to Whole 30 compliant meals for TWO days in between reintroducing different food groups. An administrator in a Whole 30 Facebook support group has just stated reactions to foods actually take 5-7 days to show. Which means that the reactions I am having could be from a group that I tested a full week ago or the food group tested half a week ago or the group I tested yesterday. This conflicting information is confusing to say the least. And distressing to me. Please clarify reintroduction for me. Wait two days in between or a full week?