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    Thank you for the helpful tips. I’ve definitely got more tools in my toolkit. I’m improving, but still a big struggle for me. I know you’re not supposed to track but tracking really helps me to be aware of how much I’m actually eating and avoid the “screw it, I’ll just eat everything” affect because I can see what a difference a small vs big binge has. Maybe someday I won’t need to, but for now it really helps me.
  2. Tiara1234


    I really relate to this. I’m doing a whole 50, started a little before lent to get a head start and because I was appalled at where my eating habits had gone. Yet I feel no better now. I’ve been compliant and had some victories in the area of self control for sure, but I can binge on ANYTHING. And when I make a delicious meal, it’s rarely one serving and I just keep eating. I try to practice the mindful eating... until I don’t. I guess I don’t have the best solution yet as I’m still working through this, but just to let you know you’re not alone
  3. Tiara1234

    Whole 30 for Lent

    Hi! I actually started before Ash Wednesday because I was so appalled at where I had gotten in my relationship with food. I’ve stuck to the letter of the law here, but not the spirit. I’ve continued to struggle with binging (though it’s on whole30 foods). I know all the book answers on how to deal with this yet I can’t seem to stop. I’m so frustrated and feel like a failure. Like I thought I had gotten to such a good place a few months ago, but now I feel large and out of control, even if I’m sticking to the whole30 rules technically. I feel like I’ve tried everything, from support to reading the books to knowing all the right things to tell myself to even calling into a food addicts anonymous group one time. Yet here I am again, having eaten 3 servings of the delicious chicken Marsala I cooked.... I’m just venting I guess. But thanks for being here