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  1. Thanks for the awesome reply, I missed this earlier. I do think oils is something good to focus on. Hard part is getting around the hocus pocus terms out there! I try use the best oils I can afford where I can.
  2. Thanks sugarcube I had a look at whole30 approved oils and since this post is about avo oil and primal kitchen came up They've got two avo oils, which both say they're approved The extra virgin oil is like twice the price of the other one! https://www.primalkitchen.com/collections/avocado-oil/products/avocado-oil https://www.primalkitchen.com/collections/avocado-oil/products/extra-virgin-avocado-oil I just wonder what the difference is?? The first one must be a refined oil as it would say it's not on the label if it wasn't yknow I read the rules again, a few times
  3. I'm a bit skeptical about all the different terms that oil companies use when describing their products and how theyre made Heaps of it just sounds like a bunch of marketing terms to me like "pure" oil, "light" oil, "cold-pressed" or "cold-extracted" oil (is there even a difference), "extra triple ultra virgin" oil, "centrifuge" extracted What is actually legit oil? And what is just marketing? Does it need to be Whole30 approved to use it on the diet?