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  1. Is HYPROMELLOSE (cellulose capsule) found in many supplements compliant? As well as Gelatin? Thank you so much.
  2. A few years ago a friend of mine had her gallbladder out and the doc told her to take a couple of teaspoons Sunflower Lecithin after she ate. It will help you digest the fat your gallbladder used to do for you. I have my gallbladder, but I take it after I eat to help digest the fats in my foods.
  3. I tried the capsules for awhile and they did nothing for me. So I then tried the collagen peptide powder to put in my tea and I had a terrible reaction from it. Mainly because there were 5 different types of Collagen in the powder and I'm very sensitive). So it's tricky on finding what works, but I know a lot of people have said, collagen powders have made their hair, skin and joints feel better. Remember organic Bone Broth has Type II collagen in it, which is the strongest building block of all the collagens. That's all I drink now to help replace my collagen. As far as taking peptide supplem
  4. I don't do that well with digestive enzymes. Not sure why, I just don't. So I take 1-2 tsp of Sunflower Lecithin Granules after I eat. It works great in helping me digest my fats. Just a thought.
  5. I take a Vitamin D3/K2 liquid drops by LiveWise that only has 2 ingredients olive oil and peppermint. It also comes in just the D3, as well.
  6. I have a liquid liposomal Vitamin C supplement I usually take daily. It's simple ingredients of purified water, potassium sorbate and natural plant flavors (non GMO) of berries, oranges and pineapple. Would this supplement be in compliance? I also think foods are the best way to get your Vit C. Thanks
  7. Every time I dump the sugar (healthy or not), I get headaches and bloating on the days right after I stop. It's like a withdrawal for me with sugar. Like an addiction. I have a lot of food sensitivities (grains, legumes, dairy ) & even skincare product sensitivities. Have most of my life, hence the mostly clean diet, but I've been going off of my diet just way too much lately, so here I am. And I hope the support will help me. Thank you for the WELCOME!
  8. Yeah! Nice to meet you. I signed up for the Whole30AtHome that starts Mon 4/13, but couldn't wait, so I started yesterday. So far, so good. Starting to feel some detox symptoms today (headache, bloating). Just upped my water consumption to get me through. Sixteen ounces right after I wake up and 5 or more glasses throughout the day. I love you're name 'BetterEveryDay. And "YES" we can & will do this! Keep in touch.
  9. Hello I found the answer to my last question on the RULES vs RECOMMENDATIONS page, so scratch that question. So much to look at when you begin, but it's going to be great! Thanks
  10. I think I'm finally getting it together to start tomorrow. Just wondering when the meal planning page suggests occasionally adding fruit, I'm assuming that's not everyday lol. I love my fruit, but it's also sugar so I need to be careful of that. So what would be a typical week of a serving of fruit? One? Two? Three times a week? Thank you
  11. Thank you SugarcubeOD, I thought vegetable glycerin would be a sneaky one. I'll check out all the popular resources you sent right now. Thank you so much.
  12. Hello, so nice to meet everyone: I'm a Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Educator living in Northern California. I'm starting my Whole30 tomorrow 4/10/20. A lot of this plan is how I mostly eat most of the time, including mindfully. And when I do I feel great, but I've been falling off way to much lately and could use some support myself to get back on and stay on. Even coaches need coaches. So happy to be here. Let's do this!!
  13. I'm starting the Whole30 tomorrow and I was wondering if vegetable glycerin is allowed? I'm thinking not, for it is an alternative sugar, but just checking for it is in some herbal extracts I take? And I was also wondering about lamb or veal? I couldn't see either on the shopping list. Thanks