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    kathrynwxyz got a reaction from AnnieK0811 in Break-OO-fast without eGGs   
    I'm not a fan of breakfast eggs, either, and neither is my digestive system. I'm still trying to find breakfast recipes that work for me. 
    Shannon makes a good point, and I know that the 7 Day Meal Plan outlined in the book points us in the same direction (that breakfast can be last night's leftovers). But, that's just not what I want for breakfast. And I know we don't have to have that for breakfast to be compliant. Still, it's tough to find suitable breakfast foods. 
    Recently I had sweet potato hash for breakfast (sweet potato + chopped kale + onion) topped with 3 slices of bacon (chopped) and half an avocado. It was really good! And I had leftovers the next day for breakfast. If you google sweet potato hash you'll find plenty of inspiration. But if you discover any eggless breakfast recipes you like, please share! 
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    kathrynwxyz reacted to Jeanne M in Whole30 At Home   
    It’s definitely easier not having any birthdays, brunches, etc. to try to work around! Day 5 or as I like to say 1/6 of the way through!
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    kathrynwxyz reacted to LaurenSpencer in Whole30 At Home   
    I too am doing the Whole30 at home. I don’t have any kids (and what a time to not have kids am I right?!) I work from home On our farm and work has slowed. My boyfriend and partner and I live together and he’s been home for several weeks (he’s a pilot.) 
    During this time I’ve decided to extend it to at least a Whole90. This is my third round of Whole30 and think I need a longer reset / and what more perfect time to do that than with no distractions or social gatherings.