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    Music, my dogs, healthy eating, nature. knitting, crochet, crafts. Sounds great. Truth is, I am very disorganised......

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  1. Rindaloo

    Monday April 20, 2020 start date- anyone else?

    We bought a shopping bag with wheels on. I always associate them with old people. Now I know why they are so popular! I also realise that at 66 I am one of those old people ROFL!!! I am glad you managed to get some foods to be able to cook that are compliant. Its a lovely feeling when you've managed to get in the foods you need for a few days. And I am enjoying the recipes. Tonight I am trying the 'Shrimp and Sweet Potato Noodle' recipe from this site.
  2. Rindaloo

    Hi from Turkey!

    I have been through my fridge so I am sure of what's in there. I have made note of what foods I have that are a no-no on Whole 30. I will be using them up in the next few days. I have compiled my shopping list and hope that online shopping allows me to get all I need to get by at least. Where living in Turkey is great is that there aren't as many convenience foods as the UK and the US. So I am used to cooking from scratch. I love it. I had planed to begin on 1st May, but the way I feel now is excited and eager to get going. So once I have the foods for starting, I think I will begin. Watch this space... I'm so impressed with the Whole 30 set-up. All the info (books, website, Facebook, Podcasts), it really IS exciting and motivating. I wonder if anyone has bought the "Food Freedom Forever" book and found it a great follow on to Whole 30?
  3. Rindaloo

    Monday April 20, 2020 start date- anyone else?

    Hi, I don't live in America but I understand that you will be concerned about being able to get the correct foods in order to follow this way of eating. Does Whole Foods deliver??? It might be that they didn't, but do now, because theres a need (and money to be made......).
  4. Rindaloo

    Hi from Turkey!

    This lock down seems to have gone on forever. In truth its been 4 weeks we have been confined to home, owing to being over 65. Before this, I wasn't well, so had hardly been out for a month. That makes oo-er hmm -yes it makes pretty much 2 months of being at home. And I am really enjoying it because life can be too manic for me usually. I have often thought 'stop the world' and now it's happened!! So, seriously thinking we were going to be starving in isolation, I stocked up on carby delights like pasta, rice and flour. Oh yes its been fun. I have had all the time I need to cook recipes from my books. And now here I am, bloated and a few pounds heavier. We aren't starving (far from it), there are no shortages and I need to undo the damage and move on. It occurs to me that I have the time, and the inclination, to be able to follow the recipes that will make me feel better and allow me also to lose weight. It might be tricky to get some of the ingredients because I am relying on online shopping which has proved to be a leeetle hit and miss. I have the Whole 30 book. I have compiled my shopping list. I plan to read the book and day 1, if possible, is on 1st May. It's in my diary Bring it on. x