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    Music, my dogs, healthy eating, nature. knitting, crochet, crafts. Sounds great. Truth is, I am very disorganised......

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About Me

Long story short, in 2003 I discovered Low Carb and have followed it on and off ever since.  It made me very aware of how what we eat affects our body and how much we are lied to by the food industry and experts.  Also how little our doctors seem to know about nutrition, cholesterol and the best way to lose weight healthily. 

I am not at goal.  "Goal" is something that is 'out there' shimmering in the distance.  It doesn't bother me of I don't get there.  it's the journey, the discoveries, the support, the healthy eating that keeps me looking in the direction of the goal and congratulating myself that I have never gone back to what I weighed in 2003.

It is also the fact that when I eat like a carb-crazed idiot, I suffer, -lying awake with terrible heartburn.  Its not clever and, it seems, I am a slow learner.......