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    Rindaloo reacted to Laurenacc in Monday April 20, 2020 start date- anyone else?   
    Hi Rindaloo-
    I can get delivery from Whole Foods through Amazon Prime Now, however- most of their time slots have been completely full whenever I've checked. My husband lucked out once and was able to order a bunch of broccoli, tuna steaks, and some compliant whole30 turkey bacon. So that was a win! But I've mostly just trekked on the bus to Whole Foods. I've only had to go 3 times so far and I got enough stuff this Saturday to hopefully hold me for 2 weeks before I needs to go there again. As long as I make a trip to my local grocery store before then, I should be set for this and next week at least
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    Rindaloo reacted to Revelate in April Whole 30 2020   
    Might as well update as we go along ;).
    Day 5 now, things were going well the first several days then sometime yesterday stopped retaining water though I had stayed compliant and no obvious culprits other than the change in diet itself.  That drove the worst night’s sleep I think I might ever have had... I seriously remember 5 dreams from last night which is more than I can remember from the last decade.  I almost never remember them.
    We talk about small victories, had two of them today:
    1) Late afternoon after doubling my water intake from the last few days saw a shade of urine distinct from the toilet. Cheers, water went somewhere other than straight through me!  Baby steps.
    2) I wondered if I just wasn’t getting enough calories and I was hungry and in possible need of additional sodium (I don’t know what the right balance is Na to K I should google that) so I supplemented with the W30 lifestyle bowl at Chipotle and I noticed the salt in the meal.  I have eaten at Chipotle quite a few times in the last decade or more, arguably one of the healthier options I frequented... and I never noticed it in a bowl previously.  Chips sure, but not in the rest of the meal.
    Not sure if that’s an increased sensitively or if I was craving it but I’ll take a more refined palate even temporarily as a win for now. ;).
    The hydration bit scared me enough to convert slow runs into walks and I did manage to swing the sledgehammer a bit so haven’t thrown in any of the towels yet.  I don’t feel absolutely miserable right now but I know I don’t feel well; on the plus side for day 5 apparently that’s right on schedule so maybe I’m doing it right for once.
    Hope all is going well for the rest of you!