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  1. Hi, I feel the same way! I just finished my first W30 and now on day 13 of the slow speed reintroduction. I started eating chicken a few months ago after a 10 year vegetarian stint, and ate a lottt of chicken during my Whole30 month. I feel great physically (energised, FULL after meals) but the excessive chicken in my diet doesn’t feel right mentally. Interested in the advice too! Good luck with your next 15-30 days!
  2. Hi Shannon, thanks for your response. I considered yesterday whether i'd eat more chicken and thought yes... so went ahead and had the fruit. But now it seems obvious to have more chicken in that case! Thank you!
  3. Hi - It's my first whole 30, and I'm on day 16. I'm trying to break a post-dinner snack habit, especially to stop eating a couple of hours before bed. But even after a meal with protein, I find myself looking for snacks an hour after dinner. I'm going for much healthier snacks than pre-whole 30, but have not felt many NSVs yet and wonder if this is the reason. Does anyone have tips or experience cutting out this habit? Thanks! 2 days of meals: Breakfast - tea with cashew milk, 3 fried eggs (in ghee), 1/2 avo, 1 medium white potato with 1 tsp homemade aioli Lunch -