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  1. I can't add anything except that I have exactly the same question! I haven't read Food Freedom Forever yet, though I plan to once I start re-introduction in a few weeks.My current plan is to keep prepping Whole30-style meals -- it really has made a side dish of veggies, a protein, and a dash of healthy fat a pretty automatic thing for me. My rule with snacks, in most cases, will be "if I still want it in an hour, I will have it." (This saved me one time when I was craving gummy candy at the mall and about to slip out of my W30 for it.)
  2. Check out lacto-fermented mayo. It increases the shelf life from a couple days to a couple weeks. Basically, add whey culture and let it go for 7 hours before refrigerating.
  3. Hi. I’m starting the Whole30. I’m a type 1 diabetic trying to lose weight. I have researched online and dug through various fitness and diet communities, but I struggle to find something relatable and that actually works for me. Wish success for all