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  1. abur0418

    What constitutes a "reaction"?

    Eh. I had coconut milk througout the whole 30 days, felt fine. Trying egg yolks today.
  2. abur0418

    What constitutes a "reaction"?

    I use coconut oil for everything and coconut milk for smoothies when I have them.
  3. I have really been trying to figure out if I have a reaction to eggs or not. I cut them out for one month, added in and then wasn't really sure if some stomach troubles I had three days later were related to that. So I decided to cut them out ANOTHER month and then add them back in. I have been eating them for a week now. I haven't had severe reactions but noticed my digestion has been different and I have more gas (TMI sorry). Does this mean I am intolerant of eggs??? I am really sad becaue we have backyard chickens! I have been working with a naturopath to heal my gut- my main symtom is anxiety. So if I eat eggs one day and have anxiety three days later I don't really know if it's the eggs or just something I'm worried about that day. Ugh! How do you figure out if a food is actually giving you a reaction? Especially with something as innocuous as anxiety. I've done this with all the foods I cut out (gluten, dairy, tomatoes, chocolate, eggs) and the only one I DEFINITELY noticed a reaction to was gluten and dairy. Thoughts???????
  4. abur0418

    Sauerkraut Info

    thanks for the info everyone!
  5. abur0418

    Sauerkraut Info

    How do I know if sauerkraut actually is the kind that contains probiotics. I bought a large thing of it from a local co-op thinking I was getting a deal. It says "cured" on the front of it, seems to be homemade. Coincidentally, the same day I saw a naturopath who suspected I might have hypo-thyroid. So you're supposed to stay away from fermented cabbage. Arghhh! I don't wanna waste it so I want to know if there's a way I can be sure this is actually pro-biotic before I continue to finish off the batch. I don't want to be eating it for nothing when I'm really not supposed to be.
  6. abur0418

    Ideas for Plantains?

    im obsessed with plantains. I like the greenish ones for anything like casserole or plantain fries, but I've been forced to buy the ripe ones before. I cut them up into about 1-2 inch coins and baked them in the oven with coconut oil, cinnamon and S&P for about 20 minutes. Delish!
  7. Thanks for the help. I know it will take longer than 30 days..... Last year with my wedding it really messed me up because i was so stressed trying to stay under a certain weight, now that losing weight isn't my goal maybe it will be easier to repair my relationship with food.
  8. You're right.....I know it's not something I can fix overnight but I was starting to wonder of there was hope at all
  9. Currently on day 18 and everything seems to be going fine as far as eating and I love the food I'm cooking and eating- I feel great. However I am starting to think that it's impossible for me to have a healthy psychological relationship with food. Some things I'm struggling with are this feeling that I need to stuff myself at every meal because (since there's no snacking) I won't be allowed to eat for several hours. It's not that I even get cravings/hungry to eat in those several hours, but I honestly have this psychological feeling that I need to snack and grab something from the kitchen. When I try to repair this relationship with food by intuitive eating and not restricting myself, I gain weight and feel terrible from sugar addiction symptoms. That's why I am trying whole 30. I need rules. I love eating the whole 30 way and honestly feel great physically. However I am having trouble actually having hunger cues and being able to stop eating when I am full. Even when I am full and bloated I still have this I impulse to eat more. Is it all mental? At this point I am definitely following the template and there's no way I'm not eating enough. What should I do if I really want to have a more intuitive relationship with food and stop impulsive eating?
  10. abur0418

    Is this paleo-fied Italian?

    I'm making that tomorrow, didn't even cross my mind that it would be SWYPO. I don't think it is, and I would have made it anyway.
  11. abur0418

    awkward question about urine

    Haha the first time I ate beets I thought I was dying!
  12. abur0418

    Crazy over Cashews

    I have the same issue with nuts. They are too tasty!! I probs shouldn't buy them
  13. abur0418

    Inexpensive good sources of protein

    Thanks... I am going to look into and hop on the offal bandwagon......
  14. I know from looking at my log I don't eat enough protein. However I am committed to buying grass fed beef and at least antibiotic free chicken and pork. I got a half of a beef and I don't want to go through it too fast. Any ideas for cheaper and clean protein? Some of my go tos aren't allowed like applegate farms meat. I would do eggs but they are also expensive and I'm worried about eating too many eggs in one day(should I be?) I do use wild planet sardines.....any other ideas!
  15. abur0418


    Oh boo....thanks!