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  1. Hi! I'm about to start my fast track reintroduction period. I'm going to reintroduce alcohol and sugar first, but was wondering during the remainder of the reintroduction period, is it ok to have a drink here and there? I don't want it to affect the response from reintroducing different food groups, but defintely been missing the occasional white claw or glass of wine especailly as this weather is getting hotter. Thank you!
  2. I'm wrapping up my first Whole 30 and starting to plan a Fast Track reintroduction. I'm that during a reintroduction day regardless of how a non-whole 30 food group feels I should still eliminate it while reintroducing another non- whole 30 food group (ex: Don't eat gluten free grain on a dairy reintro day). Looking at the Reintro guidelines I noticed alcohol and sugar are an optional reintroduction group. A few questions regarding this: 1. Once introducing sugar, is it ok to keep a little bit of added sugar in your reintro period? Even on the 2-day whole 30 reset days? (I really hate